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Hi nal2us2

At this moment no windows version exists.

The Oculus project for Unity can be downloaded on its main page. Search the green code button.

Good luck.

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If you go to Github you'll find a post I made. My edit works except the game emulation (not published).  Curif kindly responded on the topic. 

Thank you for this project. This is really something I was looking for (and to understand). You helped me tremendous with your little project/example.

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Nice and smooth tool!

Edit: Recently toyed a bit with version 1.6 and noticed each step can have a different waveform (didn't noticed it before?). This make it in my humble opinion very flexible!

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Nice project! Great to bring history to a modern era.

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Hi Curifab

Thank you for the response. 
I wasn't even thinking that far (my teleport suggestion was a local jump from point a to point b in the same room)!

I didn't look too deep in your code on github, but maybe a rather quick implementation of a "grand" teleport is working with certain spawn-points every x-rooms? Maybe an elevator door or a toilet door..? 

Thank you for your hard work already done! 

Kind regards

Great game! I'm ready to work for Domino's now :)! 

hi Curifab

I am enjoying v 0.3 of your game.

One small thing that would help prevent dizzyness is the ability to teleport.

Maybe an idea for a future release?

Thank you for the hard work!

love Kontrol. Nice mini game, shows the love!

Looks impressive!

As a fellow programmer who also makes sound experiments I think your projects are real pieces of art! Be proud!

Badass! Creative and engaging. 

Loved the sound and the parallax background! 

The whole game can be played with one hand, good for lazy gaming. I enjoyed the game very much!

Thank you for making me smarter. Keep up the great ideas! 

Curious how you made it so "fluid". I love this game! 

Simple and graceful. Great!

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It might be mini-games, but well thought out. I am impressed!

Love the concept! Beautiful.

Hi Sevenape, 

Thank you for your positive feedback! 

Enjoy jamming! 

Hi peeps,

I've created a Pocket Operator for the gameboy. It's one of the Lowrezjam submissions.

Feel free to give some feedback.

You can play it here (and also find the source code):


Hi peeps,

I’ve created a Pocket Operator for the gameboy.

You can find the game (through the jam) here: 

Or direct from my page below
and also find the source code: 16


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I love it! Pocket operator on a touch screen! Much, much more accessible than noise toys 1! 


Great game!


Great concept! I like it (it's a brainy fighter :) ).