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Yeah, I agree it is definitely too hard.

Thanks for playing and for your feedback!

Very cool idea, and nice execution! The error message could be more helpful, as I don't understand why my 100% accuracy for the second level is considered failed.

Thanks for playing and for your feedback. Yes, I agree the game is too hard. Glad you liked it nevertheless :-)

A bit too difficult and not enough forgiving. But otherwise a very good concept and fun game.

Ah indeed, it is very hard on a trackpad. Even with a mouse, the game is too hard I think.

Thank you for playing and for your feedback ;-)

Thanks for playing and the feedback ;-)

Yes I don't think it is actually possible to harvest 100% of the field. 63% is a great score!

Initially, it was an intentional a design choice to have the edges of the field more difficult, so that it creates two opposing forces: To stay on the center is easier, there will be soon not enough crops on the center.

Of course, I realize that it is too hard in its current state. Probably, the enemy should spawn at least a little bit farther away, and/or the player should get access to a stronger means of defense as a reward after harvesting a significant %age of the field.

Thank you for trying the game and for your feedback :-)

Really cool. Elegant minimalist art with a concept that works well. Concrats.

Yes I agree, smaller cells would make controls of the combine smoother.

Thanks for trying it out and for the feedback!

Very good game. Intuitive, and feels good to play. Congrats.

Very nice, I like it very much. Think you should show the score on the game-over screen.

Nice to see the combination of godot and bevy in action!

There are some nice ideas, and it works quite well. WASD controls would feel more natural to me. Especially alongside controls such as (shift, Q and E)

The controls feel a bit strange. But I like the idea. 

Nice idea, and well put together. A bit hard to guess the recipes though.

Nice, simple game. I like it.

Cool :-D

Thanks for the feedback.

To not run out of bullets, make sure to always stay on the (unharvested) crop, as the crop you harvest, is your ammo. You run out of bullets only if you drive on the ground you already harvested.

But nevertheless, yes I agree, it is a bit too hard.