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Yup, I didn't got time to do a lot, and my vision was a bit more ambitious, but if I didn't get time to complete it the way it were, I would had even less time making AI for "heroes" as relevant enemies/bosses, and it would be an interesting feature for an update. Anyways I'll use what I have to make it then a bit more puzzle like and think about how to get enough coins to get past the shop keepers without losing all the army.

Thank you very much for the feedback :D

Thank you :D

What an amazing game! I enjoyed it very much, I'm seeing in the comments that will be an update after the rating that will enable new upgrades, I can't wait to play it, I loved so much the gamefeel :D

Thanks :D

Excelent game, it kept me playing for a while, trying to get to the sun from the earth XD.

I like the progression and its satisfactory

Very creative use of limitation and amazing graphics, I liked it very much :D!

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It worked now, it is a pretty good game, I love the aesthetics, and the story was very interesting, I would just add a little coyote jump because climbing the trees was very diffcult for me (I did it on the 6th try lol), but besides that is very good :D.

And there is a bug that if you don't take a "tarot" card, the next ones aren't correct (for example I didn't take the first one, later they give me the moon but instead of that I got the sun)

It was very funny :D, I would add rotation to the planet selection (when you are in the last planet and click next go to the first one) (the same with first planet and previous), I like it anyways

Hi! Thanks, I think that was the idea, I'll try to make the general movement a little easier anyways :D

Thank you :D!

I liked the concept, I'd love to play a more extended version :D

I loved the style and the concept, sometimes it bugs and the flower is gone for a bit, but overall I enjoyed it very much :D

Srry to see that, the ship inertia is high (as a mechanic), but maybe I added too much, and each shoot pushes the ship in the opposite aim direction, maybe trying holding the keys would help :D

Idk why I don't see white and red rectangles, this has a lot of polish!
I like the mechanics very much, but I noobed' too much and lost in almost every level XD

Quite interesting, it would help to have a minimap that each time you died you discovered your path :D

I liked very much the graphics and overall style :D, btw, found the [REDACTED]
It would be fun to have a death-counter so it would be a challenge to beat the game with the least deaths possible, buy anyways I enjoyed it

Sorry, I can't play it, I'll do when fixed :D

Very good concept :D

I would make it a bit bigger though, and always show the controls.

I love the graphics and I like the music.

Howdy, can you give me the controls? (and maybe put them in the game description)
I wanna play it but I didn't understand very well what to do

Sorry bro, I can't play it, I'll try it when it's playable :D

I like it, I would add better animations, and make everything a bit cheaper. (or buff the defenses)

It would be also useful to show a "lifebar" to the defenses :D

It is very fun, I love the humor touch of having the earth flat
Very good graphics and sound, it would be fun if you add a destroying animation to mercury and venus each time a big flare touches them :D

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For everyone to know: This are the issues I know and I will improve when jam ends in an update:

  • Lack of sound/Music
  • Lack of gameplay: I'll add a simple history mode and arcade mode with diffcults
  • Maybe too much innertia, for now try holding the keys

(I'll add more when I know, thanks for playing :D)

Consulté y si, si admiten erizos 

Hermoso, mucho gamefeel! :D

Muy bonito y con el potencial para más canciones, tal vez poner los controles de mover al jugador estaría bien (así como indica lo de interactuar), gráficos y sonidos muy bonitos, pero no veo mucho el tema

Me divirtió mucho ser una waifu inmortal >:D, pero si le faltó mas pulido y a la cadena, aun así está interesante, me gustaría ver una versión terminada, hasta cierto punto fue satisfactoria la cadena.

Me gustó el sentido del humor, pero los colores son muy chillantes, tiene potencial para más finales y un pulido con musica y todo :D (no vi el tema)

Excelente juego! Personalmente, que no soy muy coordinado, se me hizo muy dificil, pero la idea, concepto, y animaciones estuvieron increibles, espero un día probarlo con alguien

Es eso los minijuegos, el modo principal con variaciones (modo infinito, uno lleno de minijefes, y uno en el que no puedes calentar y solo hay un enemigo de fuego), agregaré mas en el futuro :D

Me gustó mucho tu juego :D, la estética y todas las aplicaciones del tema son muy ingeniosas, solo que no entendí que hacer en el primer minijuego

Excelente concepto con mucho potencial, me encanta que tengas que hacer varias cosas para desbloquear a todos los animales, y está muy bonito gráficamente, tiene para muchas especies y parásitos, incluso inventados. :D

Bonito juego y muy desafiante, solo que soy muy torpe y se me dificultó algo xD, me encantó la aplicación y el concepto

Hermoso juego, muy divertido y adictivo, un modo arcade no vendría mal xD, mucho gamefeel como siempre

Añadida pantalla completa para la siguiente actualización :D  👍

Me gustó el plataformeo mucho, pero las cadenas son un poco "bruscas", tal vez hacer que te puedas mover agarrado a la cadena sirva un poco
Noté que la hitbox de los robots es un poco rara, y (muy personalmente), se me hace incómodo solo atacar si estás parado, tal vez hacer que el ataque ligero tenga menos ataque pero te puedas mover y usarlo?
Y de los gráficos, está muy bien, tal vez una pequeña explosión al destruir un robot y un fondo más elaborado

Es mi opinión y sugerencias, de todas formas tu juego es muy bueno :D

Por cierto, consejo: para muchos enemigos usa la salchicha bien tostada pero no explosiva

Entendido, haré la hitbox de los botones más pequeño, tal vez reduzca el tamaño de la salchicha en el menú,y reduciré la velocidad de los fueguitos


Gracias! :D excelentes consejos