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Thanks for the feedback! I shall find the time to fix this once the jam is over

Thanks dude!

Just played your game! really had fun in terms of finding stuff in the other zone. The journal gave it more depth and would like to see more of it :D

Thanks for playing the game! hope you enjoyed it

here's our week 2 update

no progress in my end cause I got sick this week and my friend is working on with in-game music

need to catch up with the remaining days and I hope we make it

in this video, we were able to implement the lighting to our 2D sprites and so far, we are happy with it. 

We are still working on with the boss battle and learned behavior trees using a plugin called behavior brick

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we're still playing around on the mechanics and story but the idea is that you will fight a boss for 30 seconds(borrowed time) and the time resets for you to buy powerups and equipment until you beat the boss. we love making the concept of a time paradox thing in which it changes the fate of the future by altering something in the past

hi guys!

me and my friend started last week during our free time. Now that he finished his studies, we can push the game forward. so far, we made a design that both of us agreed on and will start doing the gameplay mechanics.

here's our progress

GIF here:

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fun little game, level is well thought of like you have to move carefully else you will feel the demise of the spikes. The rocket hat midway is a game changer and I would like to see more of it.

also, what will I do at the end of the level with the pressure plate?

thanks for playing our game! we had an emergency from work so the game was cut short. In the future, we plan on improving it. We watched the video and we enjoyed watching the games that were showcased. definitely gonna watch the series :)

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Hi guys!

here is my first game on itch, I hope you guys enjoy

Project Morpheus is a stealth game wherein you will impersonate certain individuals and frame them for something they will get in trouble.

you can play it Here!

Here's a gameplay sample of our game

Morpheus man with mask