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perhaps some sort of procedural animation-like movement functions might add a small bit of life to the game, not as much a struggle as the game seemingly takes place during consentual play (unless more people seem to want that?) but more like a light jiggle from time to time to emulate the subject trying to get comfortable or to test the strength of the bindings?

Well, I'll be darned, it isn't dead. And the improvements to the rope rendering were a long-known issue, but I was assuming you weren't going to work on that, so... hey. Nice.

The blindfold is a nice addition, a wanted addition, and the cleave gag is unique enough as well.

I don't know if you're really looking for ideas, but I guess more in the realm of customization of the girl is really all that can be changed at this point, seeing as the basis of the game is already done. more rope poses, customization for the look of the girl beyond just hairstyle, maybe, there's a lot that can be done with the game, really.

So is it safe to assume that this game has gone the path of most early access games and is now just dead at this point? It's been 6 months since the last update, so I'd be shocked if this game was still even being THOUGHT about, let alone developed.

The new model looks fantastic! I do enjoy the old aesthetic, but graphical fidelity is always a better thing.

The amount of sequential updates you've been churning on the project is astonishing, all things considered, almost to the point where I begin to fear you may end up experiencing some fierce burnout if you keep it up at this pace... Please make sure you don't work too hard, and that you know your limits. Take breaks.

oh my gosh, you're really, seriously working on this a lot... serious respect to you, you're doing an amazing job.

Very nice little runner game! I didn't know that a game like this would be something that I would like to play, but little did I know that I'm actually really into this concept! The demo is coming along nicely, if the full version is anything like the demo, It'll be a day 1 buy from me. The only things I can think that could be improved would be that the graphics, while quite charming, are a bit grading when repeated so often, so perhaps a bit of variety in environments and obstacles would be useful, and maybe an additional movement option, such as a jump or a crouch, just to vary up the action a bit. The choice of a shop item making the game harder, yet more rewarding is quite fun, perhaps it could be expanded upon in more ways, such as leg bindings that make you move more slowly when strafing, or arm bindings that reduce your safe zone, making you get caught on obstacles? I dunno, just some food for thought.

regardless, super fun little time waster game, would buy the full version in a heartbeat.

I think the only thing I really want from this game is the option to make the character less curvy? Like, I'm not asking for flat chest, but somewhere in the low-c's or high-b's, just a more... realistic, proportionate size of breast. In reality, I would love this game, I just... Can't justify buying this game when I honestly can't even get past the character's proportions.

You madman, you absolute madman, I thought you would never did it, but you did it.

I was wondering why it was taking so long for an update, had assumed you had just gave up on the game and moved on to a new project, but you didn't.

Awesome. Really awesome. Great update.

this game does genuinely seem like it might be a pretty interesting concept if it was executed properly. I would drop a couple bucks on patreon if there was really any content worth the 5 bucks at the moment, but as things are, I don't really see the reason for it. I'll definitely check back in a few months, though.

I think having loose arms is definitely something that we would want to see, I +1 that idea.

This is understandable, but you also need to consider that being able to play as a female is a MASSIVE feature to just hold out for paying players only. I can understand smaller features like outfits or weapons, but I imagine that if the option to play as a female was provided for free, that might actually convince more people that the game is worth funding in a more organic, likable way instead of people doing it out of a dangerous morbid curiosity.

"Oh hey here's a character creator, oh, but if you want to play as a girl, you need to give me five bucks"

wowie zowie, this is how you garner hatred.

So, I'm gonna go ahead and assume you're not going to update this game any more? Not going to complain about it if you've given up on this one, I just kind of want a definitive answer, seeing as this game is one of the... only games I even look into updates for anymore, even though it hasn't been.

I had assumed that the sound wave particles were some form of glitched out leaves. I'm an idiot. Thank you for the instruction. The way you did it may not be the smartest way or easiest to grasp but I suppose it works.

This game... Is quite a mixed bag... The concept is amazing, the way it controls is quite intuitive, and it's... very neat, but I can't even find the phone past the first stage... Maybe have an arrow pointing towards it, or have the item highlighted through walls, or a map of some sort...? I really want to see what the zombies look like or do, but I can't even seem to get past stage two.

Also, this model would make an amazing addition to the sibari game, if you would ever be considering updating it again. In fact, all of the girls from your games would be nice additions to it, but I understand if you don't want to work on old projects, and I'll shut up if I'm annoying you by mentioning it.

Finally got the game again after a while and, honestly, this game has so much potential to be more than just what it is. I still do wish there were more options to bindings than the regular one, perhaps a toggle or switch for different bindings on different locations on the body or something... Still, the game as it is is actually such a zen thing for me, just a character with some goofy physics and some ropes.

Welp, glad i grabbed it when it was free then, i guess, lmao

The new update is a sort of mixed bag. the new challenge levels were very interesting, albeit a bit frustrating. I feel, though, that the new system of attaching the ropes, the fact that it takes two separate clicks, is a bit annoying. I do like the new character, though, and the ability to have a clothed model is a neat feature.

The concept of this is really neat, though i do wish there would be an option to start with the character just having the ropes around the major points (wrists, ankles, knees, neck, elbows) and to be able to perhaps just hang them by their wrists/ ankles, maybe also to be able to put their ankles or wrists together, just locally, that sort of thing?