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Very nice little runner game! I didn't know that a game like this would be something that I would like to play, but little did I know that I'm actually really into this concept! The demo is coming along nicely, if the full version is anything like the demo, It'll be a day 1 buy from me. The only things I can think that could be improved would be that the graphics, while quite charming, are a bit grading when repeated so often, so perhaps a bit of variety in environments and obstacles would be useful, and maybe an additional movement option, such as a jump or a crouch, just to vary up the action a bit. The choice of a shop item making the game harder, yet more rewarding is quite fun, perhaps it could be expanded upon in more ways, such as leg bindings that make you move more slowly when strafing, or arm bindings that reduce your safe zone, making you get caught on obstacles? I dunno, just some food for thought.

regardless, super fun little time waster game, would buy the full version in a heartbeat.

Glad you like the concept! And thanks for the suggestions. I'll see what I can do to make the main game less repetitive and more fun for the next version.