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Hello Chip,

You absolutely can, I do need to let you know I have no idea where the project files are for this game anymore so I would be unable to make updates if there are major bugs at this time. I have been thinking about revisiting this game for a while though but just don't have the time currently.

I am glad you are interested in the game though and would appreciate any feedback on it so if I get around to remaking it I will have a better idea where to start.


- Jay

For sure, I am currently at work, but will give you a message on discord a bit later, looking forward to it.

Hello Sarah,

Your teams project sounds awesome, I would love to set up a time to hear more about it, what is the easiest way to get in touch for you? 



Hi KingKazon,

I am looking more for a preconceived Idea/project to just do the programming for unfortunately, how ever if you happen to form a team and need a programmer for a small game I am open to all genres and types of games.

Best of luck with your search and thanks for the interest,


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I am looking for a small project to join as a programmer.

I have 8 years experience as a full stack developer (which is my day job), 6 years experience in unity and 2.5 years experience in Godot.

Preferably I would like to join a small project as I do not have a load of time to work on games as I work during the day.

You can see my very quick and dirty work here on from the few game jams I have entered and placed in.  My Itch Game Jam Entries

Please leave me a message here on if you are interested in my help, thanks.

yes a tutorial was one of my goals that I had to end up leaving out due to time constraint on my end sorry, I'm glad you had a bit of fun with it still! Thanks for trying it out!

Hi Kyle!

Super happy you had a good time with the game, I personally love the idea for a tractor/area harvest feature!

Thanks again for trying the game out!



Thanks very much for trying out our game and leaving the great feedback left on the games page!


First of all thank you very much for trying it out!

Yes soft/hard locking is a possibility with the current build (sorry).

I figured it happens early on enough that it wouldn't matter for the jam version, so people could just start over and try not to spend all their money :D, I fully understand it sucks and is not ideal at all, but I just simply ran out of time and energy on my end.

Again I really appreciate you taking the time to play and leaving feedback! Anymore feedback you have is most welcome as well!

Hope you enjoy your time with it.


Journey to Ladenloft (Full Card Crafter Game!)

For anyone interested in a full version of this game built from the ground up feel free to follow the development here on itch! itch Page :

Thanks to everyone that played and left feedback during the jam and to anyone playing now!



For anyone interested in a full version of this game built from the ground up feel free to follow the development here on itch!

itch Page :

Thanks to everyone that played and left feedback during the jam!



hey there!
if you are still interested in me continuing this game feel free to follow the development page here on and watch live on twitch!

Itch Page :

Thanks again for the kind words and for trying out my game during the jam!



Hey finalcoke!

Thanks so much for trying out my little game! I'm glad you enjoyed your time with it!


Thanks Jupiter! I will definitely have a watch!

hey thanks a lot for trying the game I'm glad you enjoyed what was there!


thanks very much for trying my game and the kind words!


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Hey Stubbings!

First of all thanks very much for giving it a go and kind feedback! I'm glad to hear you had a good time with what was there.

To answer your question, yes I am going to continue with this game or though I will be starting from scratch and building it properly instead of trying to go through the sloppy code I quickly wrote for the game jam as I was doing this solo and had to make the art and sound as well.

This time around I will  have my wife to help out with the art side of things so it should be much higher quality!

Also if you have any suggestions on what I could improve or add to the game, feel free to leave a comment here.

I will make sure to leave a post or some sort of news here on itch once I have more done on a real version of this game!

Thanks again Stubbings,


Hey I will be streaming some development over on twitch :

Nice quick beta build!

Combat feels good, nice SFX when attacking and hitting enemies.

Great base for you to flesh out later down the line and great first try at making a game!

Thank you so much! I'm really glad you enjoyed your time with it. Most of the art was created by @Sicmish on twitter (, He is a really great artist. Thanks again for taking the time to try it out!

Hey thanks for trying the game out! Yes the RNG of the fishing mechanic is a bit off, the lobster is only caught at  the beach/ocean though. Thanks very much again for checking it out!

Thanks very much for trying out the game. Yes I wish I could have added more music/sfx and fixed a few more visual bugs, overall I am rather happy with the out come :D, Thanks again!

Hi Josh!
thanks for giving our game a try!

Yeah I didn't manage my time very well so I had to forgo the music but hey always next time :D.

Thanks again and I will have a look at your game as well!

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Hi TrobbizSH,

First of all thanks for giving our game a go!

To answer your question, the items automatically go into your inventory which can be found at the crafting station (if this is not happening then it must be bugged really sorry if it is), to craft things you need to go the crafting station to craft more fuel then add it to the engine.

We didn't get all that we would have liked to done in time so I completely understand you being confused, we really would have like to add a tutorial and more things to do overall, we can only try to do better next time though :D.

Thanks again and if you have anymore questions just let us know!