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Love the art style of game. 

Thanks gamer, the full version will be release soon packed with over 20 levels of mayhem.

This looks freaking sweet!!!!

Thanks for playing the demo version. I am still working on the full version on game

I want thank you for downloading the game. This should help you out.

If you have a 32-bit computer then look in C:Program File

if you have a 64-bit computer then check here C:Program File(x86) 64-bit

If you unsure on what type of PC you have. On your computer go to the control panel then click on system and security. After that click system it should tell what type of PC you have.

I had to look at other posts on the community to see how its done. Thank you for correcting me on that.

I have decided to make a testing area for enemies and traps that I am developing for the game. I was getting a little tired of disabling and enabling code. This is much better for me as I move along the project. I trying my hardest to make sure the Full version will be out on Monday 30, 2016. I am going to let you in on something....I added a freaking driving level to game and I let a few gamers and gamerettes try it out to get some feedback.

Thank you for telling me that I did not know. So just use the devlog to talk about my games right?? I wanted to know how do I get my game on the home page. I seen a lot of cool games on there. Oh I am also sign up for my first JAM. I'm super geek about it.

Get our copy now and enjoy this new bullet rage shooter game from Johnson 80 Games



I just finished updating the player movement speed. Come Test....

Since I release the demo of Halloween Alley to the public to play, I have added a XP level system to the game. I am currently testing out this new feature and once I am done testing I will upload the new version a.s.a.p. I am working around the clock to make sure that the full version will be available to public on 10-30-2016. I want to take the time to thank all the gamers that either viewed or downloaded the game. You have made this indie game developer extremely happy. Right now you can still download and play the original version.

I just thought about that, I knew I forgot something. Thank you

here is the link

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Just release a demo version of my latest game Halloween Alley. Fast-pace non stop shooting mayhem. I am also working on a XP system for the game and mini boss battles. The game has one playable level I will add more levels as I continue to develop this game.