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An unironically sweet little game despite its ironic premise. Spotted a typo in one of Cyberdemon's lines ("Fesitval") and another one in Demon's path ("Phonos lab").

Any chance of porting those maps to regular Doom?

Any chance of a GZDoom update? The build this game is using appears to be quite outdated and lacks many visual and sound options.

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Oh yeah, and just experienced my first crash with your mod: I was playing Dark Tartarus (thanks for the recommendation, by the way!) and after tasing a Lost Soul, I started slashing at it with the Saber and then, the game crashed. I got the following error message in the console:

VM execution aborted: tried to read from address zero.

Called from Actor.CountInv at gzdoom.pk3:zscript/actors/inventory_util.zs

Called from SaberTaser.StateFunction.2 at HighwayAcceleroidBooster.pk3:zactors/weapons/wep0-sword.zsc, line 849

Called from state SaberTaser.2 in SaberTaser

I am playing your mod with GZDoom 4.4.2 and ContraDoom_MonstersOnly.pk3.

They are listed in the video description:

Obstacle Course - Map04
Megaman 8-Bit Deathmatch - GutsDozer
Jumpmaze - map13
RocketJump Xtreme - map06
Jenesis - Map12
Biowar - Map03
Dark Tartarus - Map10
Dark Tartarus - Map20
Lunatic - Map01 (with Rampancy.pk3)
Alienated - Map03
Dark Tartarus - Map13
Equinox - Map09

The only issue I have noticed so far is that I get the following error messages upon launch: "AimingCamera 1: Can't find TID 0" "AimingCamera 10: Can't find TID 0" Thankfully, they do not seem to impact the gameplay.

Out of curiosity, is there a way to disable the main menu music? I have made a special music addon made of Mega Man X midi tracks just for this mod, but I have been unable to override the main menu theme; erasing the ogg file will only give me dead silence and the game will not play my custom D_INTRO!

Finally, have you considered making the mod compatible with Heretic? I reckon it would be fun to fight through those levels with HAB's arsenal.

The music is good, the art is nice and the level architecture is nothing short of spectacular, but the gameplay feels a bit lacking. I am only three levels in, but already I am getting kind of bored: the first two maps were alright, if not way too easy even on Ultra-Violence (too much ammo, powerful powerups being available too early, not enough enemies or challenging fights) and the third map reminds me of Knee-Deep In ZDoom in the sense that I have some trouble figuring out where to go or how to get to certain areas as a result of the level architecture being too detailed and intricate. 

The Injured Portrait hides the level stats in Automap mode.

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Great mod as always, but I wish there was a way to get the items that drop out of map limits or in unreachable places - without cheating, that is.

Ah, and for whatever reason, extra SPAM mines can still be picked up even if you are at maximum capacity. It feels like a bit of a waste...

Finally, I spotted quite a few typos in LANGUAGE.txt. If you want me to, I can proofread it for you!

That was quick! And it does seem to work, at least with Netronian Chaos... although I have to launch GZDoom without it first so I can adjust the setting, as it does not appear while Netronian Chaos is running. I guess it is not your fault that the mod's options override yours.

What I do not understand with the reset inventory is that it makes most secrets pointless, since they do not carry over to the next level. This is not your fault either, just something that strikes me as odd with the Master Levels' original structure.

In any case, thanks for the update and for the compilation! :D

Playing this with Captain J's excellent Netronian Chaos gameplay mod causes my arsenal to get reset at the beginning of the next level. :(

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Why is the game's executable called "Shrine"?

Also, right-clicking does not seem to work for me: Secondary Fire is bound to Mouse 2, yet I cannot throw knives when I right-click.

Finally, the music does not loop properly: rather, it fades out before starting over.

Oh, and spotted a typo in the first intermission screen: "recieved"

I am currently binge-playing several of your mods right now (Netronian Chaos, Rebel Rumble, GMOTA, Combined Arms Gaiden) and I am all enjoying them very much!

One small issue I have with Netronian Chaos at the moment: having turned on the Weapon Vacuum option, I get to see the warning message every time the level starts. It is a bit annoying, really.

I just noticed that Armors are now treated as Count Items. I do not think that it is a good idea, as it means you can get 100% items if you are already at full armor.

Spotted some typos in the Guide screens: "grapple chain" (should be "grappling chain"), "flinch them" (should be "make them flinch"), "are discovered from" (should be "are discovered by"), "life stealing dagger" (should be "life-stealing dagger"), "shots are instantaneous" (should be "shots hit instantaneously"), "to charge your kick charged kicks" (there should be a period between the first "kick" and "charged", and "charged" should be capitalised). Finally, the asterisk before "Provided you have" should be on the same line as the sentence it precedes ("*Provided you have").

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Alternatively, you can just download a Genesis/Megadrive soundfont to give the vanilla MIDI soundtrack that distinctive Sega sound! ;)

Maldita Castilla also has a good Genesis-esque soundtrack that you can download for free, since the original version is freeware.

Either that or NES-ified sprites of Doom monsters! :D

That is too bad. Combined Arms Gaiden and GMOTA would have been great in Heretic! :S

Anyway, I did notice some inconsistent weapon behaviour: firing the Solar Pistol or slashing Hayabusa's Katana do not alert enemies, but the Bionic Rifle's Grappling Hook does. Is that intended?

In any case, keep up the good work!

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Any plans of Heretic compatibility? A fantasy medieval-themed mod like that would be perfect for that game. If not, do you know of good fantasy medieval-themed megawads? As far as I can tell, Scythe is not really that.

Super cool mod with very creative arsenal! I cannot believe I would have missed it had it not been for's recommendations.

Any chance of Heretic compability? The Solar Pistol's secondary ability would be a perfect replacement for the Wings of Wrath item!

Kickass, comrade! Thanks a bunch and stay safe!

I have the same problem. I do not mind playing the game off Steam, as I decided to buy it on, but that would be a nice bonus.