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The music is good, the art is nice and the level architecture is nothing short of spectacular, but the gameplay feels a bit lacking. I am only three levels in, but already I am getting kind of bored: the first two maps were alright, if not way too easy even on Ultra-Violence (too much ammo, powerful powerups being available too early, not enough enemies or challenging fights) and the third map reminds me of Knee-Deep In ZDoom in the sense that I have some trouble figuring out where to go or how to get to certain areas as a result of the level architecture being too detailed and intricate. 

Setting the difficulty was a difficult choice in itself! I wanted to make it similar to Ultra-Violence in E1 at the start but then ramp it up gradually as it went... so far, opinion seems to be that it's only the last couple of maps that get noticeably challenging.

I'm flattered that anyone says I got anywhere near the nonsensical level of architecture that KDIZD did ;) I've watched a couple of playthrough videos now and have noticed a couple of confusion points that can be smoothed!