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Thanks! And you're very welcome to include it. What a nice idea, a central app for Doom WADs :)

Setting the difficulty was a difficult choice in itself! I wanted to make it similar to Ultra-Violence in E1 at the start but then ramp it up gradually as it went... so far, opinion seems to be that it's only the last couple of maps that get noticeably challenging.

I'm flattered that anyone says I got anywhere near the nonsensical level of architecture that KDIZD did ;) I've watched a couple of playthrough videos now and have noticed a couple of confusion points that can be smoothed!

I'll check how to fix this! In the meantime, downloading it directly from the itch site works - you can run it with GZDoom from

This is a seriously adorable little puzzle :) I love the way that you introduce concepts one by one and then assemble complex problems from apparently simple elements.

An Undo button would be very welcome (even just one undo level or two), due to the possibility of causing multiplication or plant-destroying disasters with a stray move - especially towards the end (currently on level 28 and picking my way through a forest of tribbles...)

The Hanano/Jelly no Puzzle games are seriously amazing - it's unbelievable that such simple mechanics can produce such fiendish puzzles. The first level of each of these is something I'd expect towards the _end_ of most other games, and I think the author is some sort of cyborg from the future.