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Oh yeah, and just experienced my first crash with your mod: I was playing Dark Tartarus (thanks for the recommendation, by the way!) and after tasing a Lost Soul, I started slashing at it with the Saber and then, the game crashed. I got the following error message in the console:

VM execution aborted: tried to read from address zero.

Called from Actor.CountInv at gzdoom.pk3:zscript/actors/inventory_util.zs

Called from SaberTaser.StateFunction.2 at HighwayAcceleroidBooster.pk3:zactors/weapons/wep0-sword.zsc, line 849

Called from state SaberTaser.2 in SaberTaser

I am playing your mod with GZDoom 4.4.2 and ContraDoom_MonstersOnly.pk3.

That's partially because of an issue with the Saber not sanitizing tracer inputs. It's something that I need to fix, but I haven't had opportunity to for one reason or another.