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There are far too many workflow breaking bugs to consider this commercial grade software (as it is presented to potential customers). The deluxe version I purchased is really a BETA with a $40USD price tag. It's fine for doing extremely simplistic bashing with 20 bocks or so...after that it becomes extremely frustrating to select, undo, redo, scale and add materials due to each of those actions being extremely bugged.

I think this could be great software but the plethora of bugs are holding it back.


When pressing Ctrl+Z the last action get undone, but the selected object is also deselected and some other random object gets selected or no object is selected.


Only the last action is undone and nothing else happens.

To reproduce:

In a project with multiple objects
1) Select an object
2) Scale  or rotate the object
3) Press Ctrl+Z

Windows 11
Nvidia 3060 GPU
Asset Forge Deluxe 2.3.0

This is still an issue in 2.3.0 Deluxe
Windows 11
Nvidia 3060

Same issue in 2.3.0 Deluxe
Windows 11
Nvidia RTX 3060

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Currently when selecting multiple objects, 'Move to Floor' does not move all selected objects to the floor. It moves the selected objects towards the floor as a group and stops when the closest object to the floor meets the 'floor'. An option to move every selected object to the floor instead of the selected group lowest point to the floor, would be a nice to have feature.


I have the exact same issues. It's frustrating to have an object selection bug this severe in a 3D environment. 
It always picks the object furthest away from the camera when there are overlapping objects.

Windows 11
Nvidia RTX 3060
AF 2.3.0 Deluxe