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Thank you! Glad you liked it :)

Thank you so much! I am developing a full version for mobile and steam ^^

Thank you!

haha thank you! fixed

Glad you liked it! Im planning on adding more levels and releasing it for mobile in the near future :)

Thank you for the feedback! The icpns are indeed the standard icons you'll see everywhere so I was thinking asking a graphic designer friend of mine for a ui overhaul. Also what would you put in the place of the stage number? I was thinking of having  a move counter and a timer but I didnt have time since I barely caught the jam's deadline. Maybe in the post jam version :) 


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Hello there! My first game,  🌸POLYCHROMIA🌸 is out!

If you like relaxing yet mind bending puzzle games you can check it out here!

🌸POLYCHROMIA🌸 is a simple, yet challenging puzzle game were you create flowers by "filling" circles with color. Mix and blend colors together in this calm and relaxing experience.

The name "Polychromia" comes from the greek words πολύ (many/much) + χρώμα (color), meaning "with many colors".

It was an amazing experience creating something from scratch and I do not intend to stop here. My next steps for this game is to add a lot more levels and publish it for mobile and maybe on steam as well! If you like it keep an eye out 👀

I would love to hear your opinion and feedback ^_^
~Until next time, cheers!

Thanks a lot! It seems many people get stuck on lvl 5... You got to think in terms of how the colors blend or invert. If you still cannot solve it and want to see the rest I can tweet you the answer :)

Thank you!

Thanks a lot! I would love to know about the changes you would make. UI design is not my strong suit so I'm always trying to improve :) 

This is amazing! Please turn it into a full game!

The only criticism I have is about the keyboard controls. I didnt see any control settings and SPACE on jumb and C on dash is very challenging.

Very fun game and the animations are slick!

Glad you like it! Hint: at least one line should pass through every square in addition to having the hollow circles filled :)

Thank you! Make sure a line passes through every square of the board as well. Every empty square must have a color additionally to the holes being connected :)