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I did not expect to be hit in the feels like that. What an incredible message, I think we would all be better off hear this right now...

*happy-sad grin*

Wow thanks, I didn't know anyone was even playing it anymore.


I love the fact that the Desktop is intractable. Neat game!

Loved the fighting mechanic. It allows for some really interesting game play. Great Job!

Thank you very much. 

I did not expect the ending. Anyone else want to explain what just happened?

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Liked it. The concept was really interesting and I enjoyed your interpretation of the theme. Also I liked your music and the movement. Nice work!

Oh my gosh. You actually guessed what I had originally planed for the game in my head.  But the game jam was only three hours and I had to look reality in the face.

Sorry I tried to spell check but I'll was getting close to three hours and I started to rush a bit. Plus I can't spell to save my life. So sorry about that.

 I'll deferentially look into it if I continue the project. This was my first attempt of making a story game (Or interactive novel as itch calls it). Thanks for the feedback!

It just really lagy, also when all of the bluets sound are playing at once it kinda anyone (maybe set it so that you can only hear your own bullet sound effects?

Good game, movement could be improved. But over all Very Good


Hey if I set a 3hr timer for the game jam can I pause the timer and go and do something else if I need? (e.g. go to bed, go to work, etc.)

I can't spell to save my life lol

potion to make stevensstuff and dani to a colab

I would love if the camera was clamped. And some sound would be nice. But overall great game!

This is a demo of a game I am working on. It's a causal platformer. Working on full version now.


Yes Yes. Plz come out with a full version

Great Game!

Great Game. Would like if the Purple Rectangles were checkpionts.

Great Game! Liked your interpitation of the theme!


Loved it

I could play for hours (maybe I have maybe I haven't lol)