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I played this game a while back and encountered a glitch in the first city where the screen would constantly flicker, due to low end specs. Has this glitch been fixed or does it still persist?

Is this on steam? If not, is there a release date for steam?

Hey, is this compatible with arics or should I just play with one or the other?

Well bugger.

I don't know what the issue is but every so often in the first city I just get this weird black screen flickering. I didn't test or play mush because of this. I quit after it started happening because it annoys me. I'm on Windows 11 btw.

Bdsm on android?

Yo, is this ever gonna be 'completed' or are you gonna add more and more stuff untill you get bored?

Do you only accept payment through PayPal? Because whenever I try to buy the game that's the only option that comes up.

How do you like... do stuff?

Hey, I bought the 1$ version of the game, how do I find the code and lite-mod?