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Thanks for your compliments, and also thanks for pointing out that sighting of my music! I didn't know about that one. It's really great to hear that my music added to the game's appeal.

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoy the music, and I wish you good luck on any projects you use it in.

Yes, you are free to use that music in any media you produce! The only thing you may not do is claim copyright on the music itself, or enter the music in YouTube's adrev program. But you can use it in videos, trailers for your game, any of that.

Good luck with the VN! I'm glad you found a use for the sounds.

It took me something like forever... perhaps those tales never were meant to be told!!  Or... perhaps I should have released it a while ago. But finally, Untold Tales is available here on itch!

At long last, the tales can be told. Thanks for prodding me to release it! It took a little longer than expected, but Untold Tales is out.

Oh man... I... kind of forgot about those Untold Tales! Perhaps that is why they have remained untold for so long. I really ought to do that. I wish that game asset music sales were better so I could focus more energy on this side of things, since I do enjoy making the packs a lot. Just as a TMI explanation of process, when I do a full illustration for a cover it requires about 8-10 hours of extra work. Perhaps I will just use a 'nicely set logo' cover and get it released, along with the three Doomsday packs I have waiting to go up.

...technically, I can still even do it before the end of the year!

Excellent use of the music! Good luck with your podcast. I hope your listeners find it frightfully entertaining!

They are looped, aside from the 'themes' category. That's a standard of all my packs. 'Themes' have a definitive end, and the rest of the categories are looped. Additionally, since the packs contain .ogg and .m4a formats, and .m4a format cannot seamlessly loop, you technically get a non-looped version there and the .ogg files which do loop seamlessly.

Thanks on both counts! Ares definitely inspired action and aggression... mythology can definitely rock.

Thanks very much! I'm glad you enjoyed the music!

Thank you! I really appreciate the support and kind words.

Disabling auto-showing of SoundCloud playlists directly hurts my ability to sell my music packs on itch. It is not obvious at all to visitors that the new 'click to enable embeds' thing will display a SoundCloud playlist. Forcing people to click on a thing they don't immediately understand in order to display a thing they don't know is available is really... bad. I understand the security concerns you're facing, but if those security concerns aren't coming from SoundCloud playlists, please find a way to enable them to auto-display again.

Maybe you could add a custom-built field in the product creation template that is specifically for SoundCloud playlists similar to how you have one for a trailer video. To be effective at all, those playlists really need to auto-display. There are a lot of soundware creators on itch, and as it stands the current change hurts all of them.

The good news is I can solve your immediate problem and give you the content. I unfortunately have no direct dealing with Steam, that's all through Komodo, the publisher, but I'll bring this up to them. In the short term, though, I'm happy to give you a key for a download here. Are you on Discord? Message me at JoelS#2352 on there, or email me at joel @ (might get caught in spam, which is why I prefer Discord) and I'll get the pack over to you.

Hey, that's a cool use for the music, and I'm really glad you find it appropriate and worthwhile. I'm a fan of tabletop gaming, having played many such games myself (White Wolf stuff, Shadowrun, Robotech, D&D). In order to part you from more money thank you for your kind words, I have just set up a Creator Day Sale: and the cool part is that in addition to a bundle price, the packs are individually discounted, so if you have some spare cash, you can get this one for half off this weekend!

Wow, all of it? I hope you're rich! Or that you get rich. But I wouldn't want to leave you with no money, so you'd better keep at least some to pay the rent and eat. For now, I'm happy you found these packs to your liking, and will gladly accept your purchase of them. Thanks for your support!

That's a neat demo! It took me a moment to figure out 'E' exits the inventory, but I eventually earned the diamond reward. Good work, I hope you continue with it.

Absolutely, yes! Please do.  Good luck with your visual novel and podcast!

Thanks for the purchase and good luck with your game! It's always great to know people find the right fit for their vision in my music. Drop me a link to your game when you're ready, if you like.

btw, I hope you're well, and are still building your game!

Thanks! They were fun to make. I will probably end up making another set of them eventually. I hope you find good use for them!

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Resolution to the mystery: I may not have intended to include War Room in the pack, as it was supposed to be 5 tracks, 5 ME for $5, but I'm listing it as a bonus track and now the download has both the .m4a and the .ogg in it, giving the pack six total music tracks.

So, you and anyone else can just re-download to grab the .ogg (which loops better than if you were to make an .ogg of the .m4a)

Thanks for catching that! This pack was kind of an oddity. A very long time ago it was an exclusive in a Humble Bundle, but years later the rights to it were returned to me and I listed it here, so it's sort of obscure. I guess that track omission slipped past my QA team, which consists of... me! So I will give myself a stern talking to, and will fix this up in the morning.

Excellent, thank you! I'm glad you and others enjoy it, since it's fun music to compose. Hopefully more to come!

Thanks for the compliments and good luck with your game! You uncovered the secret origin of the pack! I enjoyed composing the retro tracks in Modern Day 03 and the Massive Modern Day music packs so much that I wanted to make a whole pack of 80s synth music. I also bought a bunch of very fun synth emulations, so I was quite motivated. And I remain motivated! I intend to follow this up with a pack focusing on the digital synths that became iconic after the 'Analog Age' (like the Yamaha DX7 and others). More synths!

Thanks! My dream is that someday, someone will make a bunch of graphics in that style to go along with it...

I'm glad to hear you're liking the CK music! Untold Tales was originally meant to be 'exclusive for a limited time' when I released it in the Groupees bundle back in January. The period of exclusivity has long since expired, and honestly the thing keeping me from releasing it is I wanted to draw a proper cover for it and haven't had time yet to do so. But I plan to get it released on itch before  the end of the year. Thanks for reminding me that I should do that!

Congrats on finishing the game - I'll check it out. I'm glad the music fit! And yes, I don't require credit, but I appreciate that you added me in there. Thanks for the support!

Space Menace looks pretty cool! There are a couple sci-fi themed tracks in the pack and it is literally free. You can just download it, for no charge, and check the music out for yourself. It's only 19MB, it'll take you a couple seconds. Just click the 'No thanks, just take me to the downloads' option, no donation required. Free! Good luck with the game.

Thanks again! I hope you find good use for them!

Thanks for the compliment! Single track sales present a number of difficulties both logistically and in terms of pricing philosophy, but I do have a couple options that would accomplish that in a roundabout way for you! If you don't mind, drop me a line at joel @ or better yet message me on Discord JoelS#2352 and we'll work something out.

Wow, it's nice to know CC is still remembered. Every once in a while, I re-establish contact with various personalities from that esteemed populace.  I'm glad that anyone who started there is still exercising their creativity! Good luck with all your projects, and thanks for the support.

Thanks! I'm glad you found the sounds useful. It's kind of a weird grab bag of stuff but I tried to make it broad enough to cover a lot of daily interactions with common objects. It's interesting how many household things make fun noises!

You're welcome, and I'm glad you're finding a good use for it! I do hope to keep adding more to the catalog. Good luck in the jam!

As a matter of fact, yes! It was just unhelpfully not linked in any way from here. But here's a PDF with the full list:

Modern Day SFX file list

I'll get that linked on the main page too, soon.

Thanks very much, and good luck with the jam and your future games!

I really appreciate it, and I hope you get good use out of the tracks! Thank you!

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Good catch - that current bundle was run by Komodo, so I did not have any direct input in the assembly or control over the products they used... and for some reason they used the original version of the pack rather than the updated and expanded one I released (through them!) in 2018. Well, that is odd. But, please contact me at

joel @ 

and I'll give you a download code for the version here on itch which has the new tracks (and fully remastered versions of the other original tracklist). Also, post here to let me know you have mailed me so I can be sure I don't miss your message getting caught in a spam filter. I do wish itch had DMs sometimes. Oh, or feel free to contact me on Discord, JoelS#2352

I really appreciate the compliment (and now I'm going to have to look up Johan Johnson), and it's great to hear that the music is connecting with you in that way. The 'dark fantasy' vibe that I've tried to carry through the CK sets is more charged emotionally than a more clinical orchestral or synth performance might be. The instrumentation and idioms mix a lot of ethnic sounds and unconventional noises that create a really great atmosphere. I also love finding instruments I never knew about... I recently got kind of obsessed with the tagelharpa, which I used (a virtual version of) in a set of CK tracks I need to get released on here called 'Untold Tales.'

Thanks very much, I appreciate the support and it's great to know that the music connects with you! I hope you do find some use for it. Good luck with your projects!