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Thanks for pushing it to an admin, but it's been two more days, and I have not had any contact from anyone. Our co-op bundle has now gone unlisted in your index for 15 days of its total 31 day running time. Any action to resolve or explain this would be very much appreciated.

I've read the docs on Search and Browse, and still have an issue.

I've run several large bundles of game assets over the last year through itch. My current co-op bundle has been in release for 12 days but has not shown up in the Co-Op Bundles listings as of yet.

This is extremely disappointing as it's killed our visibility and the sales have reflected that, compared to previous similarly sized bundles. I don't know if this is a bug or what the cause is, but I'd like to know how to prevent this from happening if I choose to continue running bundles through itch. I really like this platform a lot, and it takes a great deal of effort to organize a dozen creators and get 30+ products assembled and ready to go. Having zero organic discovery visibility is very bad. We've had issues with previous bundles taking a few days to get listed, too... but 12 days is just a killer.

If anyone can help me understand what is going on and how to address it, it would be much appreciated.

In fact, you can hear the seven main tracks in their entirety here:
Thanks for asking!

Thanks! You can absolutely use any of my packs in commercial games, that's no problem at all! There are no restrictions on commercial use. The only thing you can't do is re-sell the tracks alone or in a music pack. If you're using them in your media projects (games, YouTube, anything) that is completely ok.

Thanks! I'm glad you like them and have a use for them. Interesting suggestions. I don't have plans for either, but I should learn a bit about HDRI. The Aethereal Planes images are based on fractal renders, then painted and adjusted in various ways, so separating the actual 'planes' into layered versions would be sort of impossible, unless I approached it in a whole different way. I do agree that they'd be cool in 3D, some of them seem like you could fly right in there.

Thanks, too, for the compliments! I hope you get good use out of the music!

The .ogg format tracks are set up to loop, so they have that abrupt end to seamlessly transition back into the start of the track. The .m4a format tracks should all have a more natural end for one-shot plays. The .m4a format actually can't loop seamlessly, so that's why those have the full-length track. People usually request the looped versions.

Good luck with the journal, sounds like a cool idea!

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TL;DR  - my mistake! The correct .rar with all the files is now up.  Try re-downloading it now. Please let me know if you have any issues and we'll get it sorted!

Longer version:

I produce music and graphics on separate computers. Due to an unfortunate decision in file naming, I had two identically named versions of the pack in different locations and when I made the product page here, I uploaded the music-only version from the other computer instead of the proper one which has the rest of the assets added. 

As a bonus, you can keep the uncompressed .wav versions of the music that were in the mistaken version I previously had uploaded, which are not part of the usual package!

Yes, that is fine. Sounds like an interesting project! Can you share any details?

Hi! You mean terms of service, as in license? Basically, you can use the music in any media work you produce, commercial or non-commercial, you just can't re-sell the music outside of your projects. Slightly wordier version is here:
(though it talks about asset packs in the 'bundle,' meaning the current Humble Bundle, the rest of it applies).

Thanks, here's the final version of the agreement that should get attached to the bundle one way or another shortly:
And if there are any questions you can join up on the Discord server and we'll address anything that comes up!

I've actually considered doing a more streaming/podcast oriented pack of music... may yet do so one day, since I assume these shorter game tracks are less ideal for the longer, more atmospheric moments that would work well in a podcast or tabletop setting. But I'm glad to have them used in that context! Your podcast sounds cool, good luck with your game system!

Hi! We included a very basic license statement saying

"These assets are cleared for noncommercial and commercial use in your games and projects, but cannot be resold as standalone game assets"

but a few requests were made for something more detailed so we're adding a more detailed license statement today that is likely to say this:


The licensee is granted a non-exclusive, perpetual license to use the asset packs contained within this bundle in non-commercial and commercial media productions. There is no limitation placed on number of uses. Credit to the creators is not required. Assets may be modified for use in derivative media.

Assets (either unmodified or modified) may not be resold as standalone media, either alone or in packs.

Ownership and copyright of the assets is maintained by the original creator.

This license is not transferable or resalable.


So basically, use the assets in your projects, don't re-sell them as asset packs. We want to keep it as broad as possible, while excluding people from repackaging the assets and selling them somewhere like here on itch.

I have no problem with you using the music in a podcast. Actually that sounds pretty cool... so you're playing a game as part of the podcast? I'm a fan of boardgames, pen & paper RPGs, videogames. That kind of use is ok by me!

Hi! Thanks very much. All except the Theme and Lullaby tracks are set up for seamless looping. The Theme and Lullaby tracks are intended as one-shots. The pack includes .ogg (seamless looping) and .m4a (does not loop, used in some engines) file formats.

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Thanks! I really had fun composing with that palette of sounds. I'll do another pack like this at some point. I'm glad you enjoyed it!