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Hey skrolikowski, the blue screen error is part of the gameplay so you don't have to worry. You can watch our gameplay video posted in this page as well.

Thanks for playing our game! Appreciate it! :D

Had fun with this short game. Quite an interesting concept

Had the same bug as the other comments. It happened when i fail a rune at level 10.

I like the concept but might be better with touch input.

It seems to be crashing when i press retire after new game and after the first battle has ended.

Nice puzzle with progression. However levels such as level 4 and 14 could be made such that you could solve without retrying even if you made a mistake. Enjoyed it!

Trees' collider could be adjusted to fit its root so player could walk behind the tree

First adventure's survival timing seems to be quite long for an unchallenging level.

Both boss seems to stick onto me when i got close to it from above. Can't escape from it. 

Maybe make spider boss pounce and get stunned or hit once and move away.

Ghost boss can be avoiding player as it's a range boss.

Levels are too empty and big/long. Might want to reduce the size.

Tunnel vision doesn't seem to clip away most stuffs such as AI, health, projectile. Minimap defeat the purpose of the tunnel vision.

I played until the ghost boss and didn't defeat it.

Great game! :D

Yeah, will work on those parts in the future. Thanks for playing!

That was the end of the game. Thanks for playing! :D

Could be improved to be an idle tavern management game.

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Pretty difficult game. Depends quite abit on luck as enemy spawns in random positions. Great graphics and audios.

Game seems pretty good. Would be better if I could shoot dart bullets. Maybe the environment objects can be pushed instead of static objects. Multiple endings could maybe lead to different levels. Interact button doesn't seems to work after I spam interact for placing darts and climbing it.