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Thank you! It should get a cartridge release (once I get it finished!).

Yep that's fixed it for me, tutorial working 🤘

I'll give another try in the next update then!

Side loaded via the Playdate website, on moving down and clicking the tutorial button at the very start it crashed and reset the Playdate, loaded it back up, placed the Pong Unit and Game of Life (very cool btw) and that seemed fine, though I'd check out the tutorial and got to the same button and tried again, got another crash and this message if it helps –

I updated to the latest version shortly before side loading.

Thank you!

Thank you! Comments like this go a long way to helping keep me motivated, so I'm set on getting it finished!

It is! I'm working on building out the locations in the solar system, thanks for the interest!

Amazing pixel art


Thank you!

Really clever (and amazing pixel art)

Thank you! Ha ha that sounds about right, it really takes hold of you doesn’t it. I’ll think of a solution to something I’ve been pondering the second my heads on the pillow and then have to get my notes up on my phone!

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That feels a lot more responsive to me. New Enemy AI is interesting, I felt hunted by the bats!

Really nice feel and mood to the game, I like that it's slower paced and dark fantasy, reminds me a little of Blades of Vengeance for the Mega Drive.

The name input works great bringing it back in a conversation.

I found jumps were a bit too unforgiving for me (I had to try a basic one after getting a collectable quite a few times before I could clear it), especially when on a small platform where you can't get momentum. I did really like that the first pit forgives a miss and shows you a new area though, that was a nice surprise.

This ‪really is very good, the mechanics work super well and I love the little touches like the tongue picking up coins as well and being able to boost out of the boot.

The shooting the posters level select is great and the tactical considerations of when to use your gun or not give a nice depth.  Also a frog with a massive gun is just pretty funny.‬

Great work!

This looks great, is technically impressive and also really fun!


Thank you! It’s still in development, as it’s a very big game in scope, so while the full demo will arrive this year I think completion right now is looking most likely sometime in 2024.

Fall from Bass

Ah right, thank you and good luck with your game! :)

Hi, yes it's using the advanced dialogue plugin to fix a dialogue box to the bottom of the screen, this is wrapped in various if statements depending on variables, form selected, weapon equipped etc and loaded for each stage.

The avatars aren't actually avatars but are made up of four separate 8x8 ASCII characters, from special characters in the table that  I wasn't currently using. There may be better ways to do it in newer versions of GB Studio, this one was made in v2.5.

Glad it's useful to you! If you spot any issues let me know, I'm continuously refining as and when I use a certain combination of characters/symbols in my game, so always looking to improve it.

This is great! Love the gaining and losing armour, has that Altered Beast/Ghost & Goblins touch, and plays like a really cool GBC Shinobi. Great work

Thank you!

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I enjoyed the exciting boss battle and eagerly await what's next for the Shitass series.


This is a really unique looking game, in gameplay and style, some lovely touches in it, the water, the fish tanks, fluid animation, looking forward to playing more.

This is looking really cool. I like the inventory and how the upgrades can be bought and how open everything is.

One minor thing, after hearing the warning about the eye monster and long grass cutscene, I died in combat and then had to watch the warning cut scene again, perhaps set a variable after played so you only see it the once?

Works greats as a POC, would love to play a full game built around this engine, good work!

Really fun, pulling off kick flips and grinds feels slick, love it!

Great work! Really impressive translations of surrealist art despite the limitations of the format, looks lovely!

Really fun, I particularly like how the psy meter works and refills, also the fact there's fall damage! First time I've seen that in a GB Studio game I think

Very cool! The rev meter in the bottom left was a really nice touch.

Only thing I'd suggest is it feels quite slow to start a new game despite the nice scrolling menus, waiting for it to move down to the music etc and if you're impatient like me you just want to get in and play. Not sure if it's possible to speed up the camera movement here?

Great work, it looks really good, love the little details like candles and statues in the background and the switching of palettes in the options is very cool. Very well presented!

Also great to have it both languages. I noticed a few errors in the English intro if it helps –

For perform a long jump

>To perform a long jump

Pressing the button start

>Press the start button

To attack and fly part of the life

>To attack and steal part of the life

These are great a really nice selection, thanks for making and sharing!

Awesome work.

Is it possible to have double jump levels be unlocked in game by setting a variable? or just within the GBS settings.

Excellent, hope you enjoy and thanks for the support!

That should be fixed now!

There should be! Let me drop the publisher a quick message about that.