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Thanks! A long way to go but it's coming together!

Yes, for me at least, full screen on a 15” laptop

🥳 Great to see this back on!

Love the videos/gifs for each game, really brings them to life and is just a great format. Night of the Living Dead typeface was a little hard to read but aside from that minor detail, it was fantastic and I can't wait for future issues!

Very cool, yeah I bet that looks great on hardware

Seriously impressive work congrats! How did you pull off the transparency effects, dithering?

So many lovely little touches in the environments and in this game. Fantastic work

Great read.

Gameboy port someday?

Can’t wait for this, loved the demo!

Stunning intro, great music and very polished gameplay, awesome work!

The rom version has been released now that the physical version has shipped to everyone -

Ah right, yeah I struggled a bit with that level, perhaps it was just me! (and yes the ones in the cornfield)

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Some great sprites in here, the new worms look a lot better, I love the map and being able to visit levels in different orders and go back to others to get some collectables you missed, exactly what I liked in some of the Nintendo franchises. There's clever level design (time enemy bounce to reach certain areas). Also the feel to everything, cornfields, barns etc is really cohesive. Enjoying playing it

Really great looking game, still just starting it but I found the Cornfields felt a little unfair, is it supposed to be slippy? Also I think the spikes might need to look a bit more obviously 'nasty/sharp'.

Top tier graphics on this, can't wait for the full release

Lovely looking game, very polished congrats, fantastic music too!

Ah, also I worked out I wasn't using the run jump at all (but you need to to make that jump), thanks for the tip, I'm now super charged with electricity!

GBA SP, I just couldn't find the window to get on the platform to jump to the left before the bat turned around and came back and smashed me

Love it aside from that, I just want to get to some of the awesome looking bosses I've seen teased!

the early bats are very tricky to get past, I can’t get past the second one where there is a spring (perhaps it’s just me) 

This is awesome

Hi Yoann, thank you for the awesome (and constructive) feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed it, hopefully some of those bugs won't exist anymore in the final version as the demo is a little out of date now. Sound effects are a bit limited however due to some constraints imposed by the version of the engine and how they interact with music, but there should be one for the hearts I agree. I'll see if I can give the wolf range a little boost for you too (but keeping it shorter than the sword). Other feedback I'll definitely take on board if not for this one for future games! Thanks again for the feedback and support, I hope you enjoy the full game!


Hi, yes there will be a digital/rom version at some point as well as the physical release.

Hi, it was too out of date now and I've both added a lot & fixed a lot of bugs. However it'll be back!

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Looks fantastic and easily my favourite start screen I've seen on a GBS game so far. The book in the library needs a space between andrequire by the way.

Looking forward to playing more of it

Loved this, something really different to most other GB Studio projects

Loved this, feels like Twin Peaks, the GBC game.

Thank you!

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Thanks! I did the sprite and background work, everything except the music in fact, that’s from the GB Studio community resources (so might seem familiar)

Really enjoyed playing it through to completion, the boss was clever, first time I died thinking it was unfair, but second time worked out the webs spring you up to attack and it was satisfying defeating the boss. Also liked the spider egg animations.