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Thank you so much! Your game is amazing too! The boss room thing I just wanted it to be an incentive to explore before going to the next level. Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks! A good strategy is to attack it from the sides, the bullets travel together and its easier to avoid

I really like the art and sound design, but I don't really understand how the game works. What does colour change do? Good job

Good game! I love the idea and the art! The slimes seem to have a lot of health and the game is a little confusing at first, but once u get the hang of it it is fun! Great job!

Lol I don't know what was I expecting but it wasn't this. Good job made me chuckle

Good concept, but not really 64x64 or less. You should have used something to avoid subpixels. You can try that next time! Anyways, the game is fun, so good job anyway!

Good game! I really like the music and graphics. Good job!

Fun game! I like the concept. Also doing it in just 3 days! wow

PD: Me gusta ver más participantes que hablen español jajaja :)

Good game! I like the music a lot. However it is not real 64x64 or less, but good job anyway

Thank you!

Thanks, I'll check it out!

Thanks! Yeah it is very hard to play without a mouse lol. Glad you like it!

So simple yet super fun! Good job

I remember seeing this game in the discord! I absolutely LOVE the animations and graphics! Everything feels so polished and super professional. The game idea is also very interesting, having to gather resources in order to attack and level up. I will try to beat it!

Great game! I like the music a lot! And the effect when you kill enemies! I struggled a bit with the controls but that's on me because my keyboard does not have dedicated arrow keys hahahaha. Good job!

Thank you! Glad you like it!

Thank you! If you are talking about the doors, I could have made the colliders bigger haha but too late for that now! Probably when the jam finishes I will

Omg tysm for the feedback! Im so happy the game is fun hahahaha. Luckily I can change invulnerability frames easily to be longer haha, won´t do that during the rating period but maybe I will continue working on the game when the jam ends! I just had so much fun making it, that maybe I will try to make a mobile version or something like that. I wanted to make more items, and make like "special" items that you could only pick up once that changed your bullets or gave you special powers or something, but I run out of time. Seeing that people like the game and that I love working on it so much I will probably do the mobile version, just the 64x64 game in the middle and some layout with buttons on the side, everything with nice looking low rez pixel art. I could even add more playable characters with unique habilites, progression etc. 

Thank you for the feedback! Maybe I should have made the door space a bit bigger hahaha

Glad you liked the game! And glad you could learn something! I will try your game later

Good game! I love the graphics, sound effects and vfx. However, there are subpixels, you could have avoided that using a render texture in unity ;) You can try that next time, but great work anyway!

I have received feedback that the game is fun, and has more content than what people think at first glance! If you wanna give it a try, you have it here:

Don't be scared of leaving a comment with feedback (positive or negative), I always reply! I rate and give feedback to games as well, at the end of the day that's the joy of the jam, playing the little games people create! 

Great job to everyone, and good luck!

Hahaha yeah I focused on making as many content as I could. All the content is listed in the description :) Glad you like it! 

You were close then! Just one more boss :) I'm glad you like the game!

Thanks! ;)

Great game! I love the limited palette and the simple artstyle! Dragon looks cool. Real fun! Good job

Wow! Super polished! Deserves a lot more attention! I love the artstyle and the trail when you move. Also the sound design is very satisfying! Good job

Nice game! Fun and original

Nice game! I am not great at RTS and I do not really like the genre but you can see that a lot of work and effort was put into the project. Great work! And nice use of the resolution!

Thank you so much! I don't know if anyone would buy this lol, but if more people say so maybe I'll make a higher res version. Or maybe I'll make it anyway just for fun who knows hahaha. Yeah the game is a bit hard lol sorry about that hahaha

Thanks! It means a lot]

Thank you! It means a lot. Hahaha yeah the game is quite challenging even though I have made it easier than it originally was. I had to make me very op to playtest it easily lol. Again thank you for the feedback!


So fun and polished! Great job!

Music goes hard omg. Game is fun!

Omg this is amazing! The atmosphere, the art, the music, animations are really good! I love the water too. And I like that you can throw the sword. Great job!!

Loved the music! Wholesome game!

Really cool! Souls vibes. I love the 3D walls and the gameplay is intuitive and fun. Could make a nice boss rush game

Omg I love the art and music so cute! Great game! Really professional

I really like this! I love the sound effects lol ding ding