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Great news, thanks!

I know it's a long shot, but any chance of this coming out on Linux? Alternately, any success running this in wine?

FWIW, the graphics look straight out of M&M 3-5, which was definitely early 90s.

Related to LiamD's question: Any chance of a linux version? I'm a guaranteed sale if so, but I understand one person's not likely enough to warrant it.

Hi! These are lovely, and I'm interested in using this bundle for a commercial (but very indie) game, and I wanted to know what license restrictions it has.

Specifically: Can it be used for commercial stuff? What kind of attribution do you want? And am I allowed to alter the images (examples: offering a different color scheme for the colorblind, showing two half-gems as one gem, etc)?

Thank you! It now runs (for me) with no problem out of the box. Good luck with your new engine port!

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Hello! Another person having trouble with the Linux version (1.2.0 tarball edition). `vis/visplayer` isn't executable, which isn't a big deal. The bigger problem is that it relies on an old version of libpng (1.2) that is unavailable for my system. One option would be to update it to libpng 1.6. The other would be to bundle the shared library with your game distribution.

There may be additional libraries required -- I haven't gotten further than libpng, though.

Well, you've got another week, right? :)

Nice. That's a really lovely art style. Are you planning on generating text for each card's "meaning"?