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I have a fix, it's hard to explain though

Check out the non-jam version to see a Youtube devlog!

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Hey everyone!  I'm just swooping in here to thank you all for rating my game.  I do know that there are 3 days left until the ratings are over, but, I just needed to thank you.  You guys gave wonderful feedback, and, I just might continue on my game.  I posted a devlog on Youtube, and there will soon be one on my game page.  Thanks again for your feedback!

Here is the game page:

Thanks a lot for the feedback!  I now do realize that there are many problems with the system that I am using, and that I might update the game eventually.  

I totally agree with the music.  Thanks for the input!

This game was INCREDIBLE!  I didn't play it for very long because it kept crashing and I didn't really want to download anything at the moment, but, I really liked it!  It's like TABS but with slightly different enemy placement and no ragdolls.  That's a compliment btw, I really thought this game was great and keep up the good work my friend.

Hi!  Thank you for your feedback.  I do realize that the game is short and kind of pointless.  I didn't have much time to do much and I couldn't find a way to get more customizability.  I will try to get to your game but I am pretty busy.  Thanks again for playing!

Great game!  I loved it, I just hope you can add more levels to it.  Nice concept! 

It's really fun!  The menu music is outstanding

Awesome concept and great execution!  All I'm concerned with is the fact that there is no ending.  So, in my opinion, just add more to the game and add an ending.  Great job!

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Great game but it's pretty laggy.  I'd say just fix the lag and it's a perfect time waster!

Edit:  Sorry, I didn't mean making it was a waste of time, I meant a fun little game to play for a while

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score: 593