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programa do dimitri?

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obg, era do meu pai ja que ele vivia comprando revistas CDROM ent tenho algumas outras "lost medias" mas to pensando em soh faze upload de tudo quando eu arrumar o meu pc q o processador pifou (um ryzen 5 4600g q peguei da china e acho q os cara mineraram com o video integrado) mas vo ta sem grana por um mês ou mais.

pq n faço no meu pc de windows xp? por conta de velocidade e tenho preguiça de esperar XD

num vendo mas posso fazer um ISO desse cd e postar no internet archive, eu sou desses doido por preservação de midia.

se duvida msm ent aq esta a prova, nunca duvide de colecionadores e pessoas qnem eu q cria jogos estilo oldschool pq nos somo msm viciado nessas coisa e nem tem pq mentir, ter uma midia fisica rara é orgulho pra mim.

muahaha eu n preciso de comprar pq eu tenho a versão da revista cd-rom >:3

posso ser um dos poucos q tem uma copia fisica original desse jogo XD

look this platform has turned into a giant wall of visual novels pumped out and spreading like wildfire and is TRULY HARD to find something that is not visual novel. i played many already but no... i dont want to see just visual novel after visual novel after visual novel.

thats the 81858195819593991949185829581th post requesting this after MAAAAANYY YEAARS OF PEOPLE REQUESTING, and if someone say its hard to implement just know ur wrong. if itchio has it source released just link me the github and ill make a pull request myself once i get to my pc again (january).

its not hard to add negative tags at all, is just during search query if certain game matches a negative tag it is ignored.... its just simple as that.

itchio... please omg do something its not that hard... in a hour or less a dev makes this feature.

ill start doing jams to gain rep

1 year later... XD sorry i had got a job since gamedev wasnt helping me monetarily, i might back with the dev of this game later. i need to adapt a lot of features and stuff

linux version please

well i mean, you could exclude any unwated tags if you put the -tag_name

really itchio team please add this feature, for a really long time people been asking for it and here is a proof

i dont want to keep getting a HUNDRED OF VISUAL NOVELS when searching literally anything.... i want something like google does that you put the minus symbol behind the keyword u want to remove, and in case of it having more than two words it would look like this -"visual novel"

when will this be added? 90% of the games here are visual novels and i myself played some.. but i want some variation too.. its annoying to have to use ctrl+f "visual novel" to see what games are visual novel faster and search a little faster skipping visual novel games

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i will make this lore relevant for my game series and have some graphic visuals.

what are the specs requirements?

1 more day! tomorrow v2 is out

i was working in a video until day 5 and now im developing the update, i have been struggling to animate the snake animatronic... so i think i will make her a pre-render sprite like in doom games... the thing i been struggling with is making they bend as they move around the house


oh i hope you liked.. its pretty much empty and i made it to know the engine better aswell... i have a fnaf-inspired game series incoming!

i completely didnt understood the final with all these sounds... probs happened a fight there since ynow.. they got a bat and saw spooky cat

spekin engrish

make a linux version since its not hard at all to just put it to compile for it in ur engine

after all this time... i still playing this game.. it fits really well with this song

vibing while doing some parkour for hours killing demons with my sword enjoying the 16-bit style game. its perfect for relaxing and just feel good idk.

obrigado.. estou fazendo mais uma atualizaçao em breve... tive uns sonhos que acho que seriam legais de colocar aqui

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nao... vai demorar mais q o esperado...mas pode fazer o video... pq a atualizaçao eh gigante XD

pode fazer, mas espere um ou dois dias... to lançando atualizaçao com mais lugares pra explorar agr

*AAAAAHHHH sound effect and many scared emojis with boom sounds*

bing chilling

if you havent posted your game yet, do while you still can since there is still a lot of users with no projects submitted

youre welcome

oh thank you, i just asked to see if i can play natively but i will try with wine then.

please compile for linux... i loved the screenshots and since i like old school graphics and urban places and i think this is a great mix id love to vibe in this game just exploring. also i think that could be cool if the raycasting engine had these "3d" places like ES arena

yeah you can. this is a free jam after all.. i created this to people be able to share their games and others have to play eachothers games to do the rating

if you encounter any bug please warn me

steam... it is on steam... this page is exclusive for linux and mac since they didnt added these versions in steam yet

oh i could debug it for you!

oooohhhh... send this to bisqwit to play... he have made a typing game for DOS... and hes a jew.. and its the fastest typer i know just check out this video of him coding in DOS

this looks like sped up... but this is his actual writing speed

compile for linux please

oh i will try that... i said about native running just because since i have an intel igpu sometimes games wont even launch... intel is pretty bad with linux

the toilet world is completely black and its hard to go through the maze

now after a long time of bug fixing i have released it again, now you all can play it!