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However, I do have a question: how can I use this application to add and change parts from image files? Like png files

Fantastic stuff! I'm loving it!

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Great work, as always! It's just the right thing I needed at just the right time. Thanks a lot for all your hard work!

Cool! Very junky! 

Fantastic stuff as always!

So cool! It feels very natural.

Yay! Thanks for the update!

Really interesting how you combined the two games, and it's pretty fun. My high score is 125 (didn't play all of it, I thought it was infinite).

Nice game, but had the controls were kinda weird. I had a difficult time playing it - there were just too many asteroids for me to handle. Not blaming it on the game, I'm just not a gamer.

Never thought there was going to be a 3d game in the jam. Great art, music is fantastic, and game is well polished. Nice game!

great, thanks for the feedback!

epikly annoying & fun

what does "old" mean in the theme? does it mean an old game not made by you; or and old game made by you?

fantastic game. wonderful voice acting, great art, nice music, and interesting game mechanics. I was just wondering, what happened to Joefish?

great game! just a little creepy at the end... 

I looking for a team as I can't manage all this by myself.

I'm a programmer and I can help make a few pieces of music but they're not very good.

Discord: mineit!#6493

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Yes, I did, and I have my contact in my portfolio

Hi, I haven't received my key yet. Can you send it to me again?


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Oh, then never mind. I saw the 'The game artwork may not be resold, sublicensed, assigned, transferred or otherwise made available to third parties except as incorporated into Product.' thing and I thought something was up and stuff.

I find the trees and houses a little suspicious as they look very similar to this asset pack:

Thanks alot!

I would like a key for the overworld pack. It's magnificent! Can you add a few dungeon entrances?

yeah, I find the lights a little "annoying". And I don't need the characters in there since I have other character asset I could use.

that's so cute!

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Uh, ok, should I give you my email or something? And also, I'm working on a big rpg using your art - I can show it to you when I'm finished, but that may be in a year or so, since I don't have much experience and I'm not using any game engine but instead I'm using pygame since that's the only thing that I really know about game dev.

Oh, then I'll just use the 32x32 thing.

Fin-tastic artwork! Very "ancient"!

Great! When will the next update be?

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Fantastic stuff! Are there any animations? Oh yeah, is there a .xml file that tells you the locations of the sprites? thanks alot :)

The .xml file i'm looking for is the kind that tells you where the sprites' coordinates are. have any of them?

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Hi, this is SO useful! Uh, but how can you get all those stuff in the gifs you posted? And how to do you add those thing like "+Hair" or something? I don't know japanese or chinese so I can't read the stuff properly.

Thanks!!! And I really like your art too! You're a great artist!

Thank you so much! I've haven't found a single character pack as amazing as this! Can you please provide and .xml file? Thanks :)

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thanks! I'm using it - can I modify it a bit to meet my needs? P.S Can you please give the .tmx file? It would help me a lot!

Great! Uh, but for the price thing, I don't really have permission to spend any money :(

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hey, could I use that little inn preview over there for my commercial game? I really like it and I've been trying to make cozy inn for a pretty long time.

Edit: can you also tell me what the size of each tile in pixels?

Yay! i'm making a game that really needs some overworld tiles. Looks pretty nice so far. Is it free?

can we modify the assets and use them for a commercial game?