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Whats supposed to happen at the end of 32 ?  I filled the ring with all the gem slivers.  Is that the end of it?  rotated the rings correctly.  No end game at that point. Retraced everything and dont think I missed anything.

Yeah downloading is not a problem

To Dev: Your game doesnt download,  your nubeness is showing.  

To user: Your dumb, give details

To Dev:  Y O U R  G A M E  D O E S   N OT    D O W N L O A D    Should I type  any slower for you? 

To user:  Impossible has to be you.

To Dev:  Your unique product is the only one.  Please toggle nubeness off please.


Are you not understanding simple english? Its NOT downloading.

Yeah its not downloading.   Dev must be a total nube

Glad you could join us at the  

Isar failed with code 1


Same problem!!

Dang a ship with walls that thick no wonder its sinking.

oh hey awesome. I will pick it up for sure tomorrow morning. Thank you for getting back to me. Awesome looking work. !

So is development done on this? Doesnt seem to be updated any longer and the dev moved on to another game. Just wondering if its actually complete or just abandoned.

Quite pricey would love to see some video game play.  Just not enough information to buy and commit 25.00 to.