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Jimmy Vegas

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Colourful! Vibrant! Relaxing! Really good design here, and I also found the inspiration for the design. Loved it!

A very weird concept. Visually, it looks good and the design is fairly good. Could do with a bit more variation in NPCs, but other than that it was fun to play.

Very reminiscent of 90s first person games. Good concept and looks nice. 

Not 100% sure on the pixelated design, it may have hindered my progress. Good overall direction though.

Interesting concept. Nice design. Struggled at first, but managed to figure it out! 

Really fun! Really vibrant! Really addictive!

really nice pack

LOVED IT! Great concept

Not sure I got to the end, I presume it wasn't, but you got me a couple of times. Nice design! Definitely worth a play!

Couldn't find the secret ending, but would love to know how to get to it. One mannequin in particular REALLY freaked me out. 

Yep, those glitches are common. Basically I ran out of time on testing lol. If it ever becomes a full product, those bugs will be gone.

Was great to watch. Mind if I share this video?

I see you got a bit lost. Try all the doors :)

Will do, but I'm not particularly looking to promote it. It's more of a demonstration to what could be made in a game :)

From a biased point of view, Unity

I'm Jimmy.

I love games.

I make games.

I show people how to make games on YouTube.

NOTE: This game is 100% free so no need to donate. However, any donations kindly received will be given to a charity once a year. Thank you.