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Sorry, what? It's a game. You play it.

appreciate it. Good luck with the project 👍

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it’s great that you’ve made this, but no credit has been given to my assets (including, but not limited to imagery, sound, effects, objects). Please add credit in the game itself, all store pages this game is on (including this one right here) and any external website or platform this game exists on. Thank you 

appreciate the feedback. If these are the only issues then I’d say I’ve done a good job with this game.

you mention the word “realistic” however, the aesthetic of the game is not realistic, so I don’t think it should detract from the experience

the way I see it is that what you’ve listed are very, very minor issues, especially when you consider the amount of issues in games which have a massive budget

thanks for playing

once you own the code, it’s yours to do whatever you like with :)

there are a couple of dev logs on my YouTube channel, but nothing really in the way of tutorials. 

The project was my first foray into developing a full game and allowing people to take the project and take it in their own direction :)

I've shared your video on my channel. I'm genuinely impressed with how good you got :)

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Thanks dude! I was expecting a lot of comments about the side to side movement, and it's just the design choice. Basically it's so as you can't pick it up and "cheese" it. It makes you learn how to play it rather than just be ANOTHER game :)

EDIT: You're actually really good at it! Best I've seen so far :D

And a stream from Sypderrock on YouTube

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This comes from Monty Monster on YouTube

Share your gameplay videos here!

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
- Approximate amount of time to complete: 15-20 hours
- Missable achievements: None
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No difficulty options.
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None.
- Do cheats block Achievements?: No.
- Extra equipment needed?: None.

Timmy & Mousey is a FREE Endless Runner game for PC created by Jimmy Vegas using the Unity engine. All 27 achievements are easily obtainable but may take longer for more inexperienced players.

There are various orders you could complete them in, for example, you’re probably better off going for the Let’s Start Over achievement before the All-out Life achievement.

1. Play through the 10 lives you start with and run as far as you can collecting as many coins and gems as possible. Try to run at least 600m in the Desert Dreams stage. You should hopefully get at least one reward during these 10 lives. After you’ve lost all 10 lives, play the Bonus game. At this point you should have these achievements:
The Desert Has A Secret
Let’s Start Over

2. Buy a mix of lives and gems. If you have more than 15 gems, purchase the Icy Issues stage and play it. If you haven’t got enough gems just yet, keep going just a little more until you have enough. Once you have Icy Issues stage, play it and run as far as you can. Try to run at least 700m and collect as many coins and gems as usual. You can also attempt to jump 100 times in a single run too. Keep going until you lose all your lives again.

At this point, you should have a lot more coins and gems than you did when you first lost all your lives. By the end of this step you should have these achievements:
Ice Baby
Van Halen

3. If you have enough gems, purchase Doozy. His ability to move side to side quicker helps a great deal in avoiding obstacles. Spend all your coins on lives and gems and if you have enough gems, buy the Feisty Forest stage. At this point, play the forest and try to run at least 800m. You can also try to run 50m from the start without moving left or right, but it’s dependent on which sections randomize into your run. If you have been playing the game without stopping, you’ll also have played more than 1986 seconds. Keep running until you’ve lost all your lives again. You should now have:
Fluffing Nerd
From A To Z
Hey Doofus
Straight Ahead Only

4. This step requires the most grinding as it’ll take a while to build up 250 gems. You should hopefully have enough coins to max out your lives, so purchase all the lives you can. Remember that all the while you’re building up gems, you’re also running closer to that 80k mark for the first achievement. Keep running until you have 250 gems. This shouldn’t take too long as long as you keep getting rewards. Once you have 250 gems, purchase Treacle Town and Mental Moonbase. Run in both of these stages attempting to run 900m and 1km respectively. You can also attempt to get 42 coins and fall down a manhole in the town as well as collecting 250 coins in a single run. You can also try to collect 7 gems in a single run on the Moon. If you can, you can also try to spend a minute in the air on the moon. By the end of this step you should have:
All-out Life
Nun Eaten
Three Days Remain
Middle Of The Country
Ixnay #2
Coin Counter
My Name’s Scooter

5. At this point, it should have taken round about 10 hours in total, and you’ll have ran about 50km and amassed a bunch of gems and coins. Use them to buy Claire and The Boss. Keep running in various stages and at some point, run in the Desert Dreams stage and don’t collect any coins for 400m. By the time you get to the end, you’ll definitely have 10,000 coins. After few hours running, you’ll finally unlock:
Go Back To Sleep
The Other Side
Can’t Touch Them

  All achievements are listed in order of appearance in the game menu.

Please feel free to post your playthroughs, comments and other general game-related stuff here :)

I think it would be a great idea. Game development is all about getting others onboard with your creation :)

Hey, not sure if you'll see this. I was hoping you'd put FEAR back up. Is this possible? Thanks

Colourful! Vibrant! Relaxing! Really good design here, and I also found the inspiration for the design. Loved it!

Very reminiscent of 90s first person games. Good concept and looks nice. 

Not 100% sure on the pixelated design, it may have hindered my progress. Good overall direction though.

Really fun! Really vibrant! Really addictive!

really nice pack

LOVED IT! Great concept

Not sure I got to the end, I presume it wasn't, but you got me a couple of times. Nice design! Definitely worth a play!

Couldn't find the secret ending, but would love to know how to get to it. One mannequin in particular REALLY freaked me out. 

Yep, those glitches are common. Basically I ran out of time on testing lol. If it ever becomes a full product, those bugs will be gone.

Was great to watch. Mind if I share this video?

I see you got a bit lost. Try all the doors :)

Will do, but I'm not particularly looking to promote it. It's more of a demonstration to what could be made in a game :)

From a biased point of view, Unity

I'm Jimmy.

I love games.

I make games.

I show people how to make games on YouTube.