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Add Matthew Gravelyn’s Twitter play through.

Added Myriad Mirror.

If you use Discord, feel free to join the Lost Bay server where we have a dedicated channel to the jam:


It’s perfectly fine to pick an already used omen! We already have a few more duplicates. Think about it this way: if something strange happens, more people might notice and leave artefacts.

If the photos are related, I’d put them in one entry.

The deadline is 21st of June, so there’s still time!

As a system agnostic setting supplement, it depends!

I’d say between 2 and 6 players (GM included), but it all up to individual preference of course.

Thanks! It was so awesome to listen to!

We almost included ‘spork’ instead. ;)

Thanks for your nice words!

Thanks so much, glad to hear you enjoyed it!

Thanks so much!

I love the story you told in your journal, I loved reading it.

Thanks, always so lovely to hear from people enjoying my game!

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One of the genre touch stones was ‘Tainaron: Mail from Another City’, a new weird novella written as letters in which a visitor to Tainaron, a city of insects.

Sounds like something you’d might like!

Edit: which reminds me, I really need to write a blogpost about all the influences.

Thank you so much!

I’d love to hear about your character & city!

Thank you so much for your comment!

It really made my day, I’m really happy you like it so much!

A great review of this pamphlet adventure (thanks Randy!):

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A great playthrough by Chris Chinchalla from a while back:

Thank you so much!

What a nice comment to wake up to!

Thanks to hacksnake for spotting the typo!

Thank you so much! I'd love to hear about their exploits!

A d20 & d10 (or a d10 & d4 as an alternative) and a d6

Highly recommended for any cyberpunk game.

Atmospheric, surreal and very original.

As usual mv knocks it out of the park.

Thanks Chris!
I wasn't able to watch live, but I like what you did with the game.
As for the mysterious Jimmy Shelter and Peter Eijk, they're one and the same ;)

I'd love for an adaptation of A Visit to San Sibilia!

It's a solo journaling RPG in an ever changing city. Feel free to grab a community copy to check out if you're interested!


Makes me very happy to read this. Thanks for playing!

Thank you both for the discussion.

I do like the randomness of the game, but I can imagine it's not for everyone. Some of both of your suggestions did spark some ideas. I might add a variant end game rule, which will land the game in a smaller range of turns.

Had a blast playing this! Love the dice, the game provides a good structure & prompts which are still open enough to tell lots of different stories.

Is the download missing?

Thanks so much!

Very cool entries all!

I amended the text for the community copies on my entry. If you participated in the BFB jam, also feel free to take a community copy!