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house of cheese

this would make a great screensaver

thank u sir

nah i think it's pretty good

i can read the chinese of the title aaaaaaaaa


this is the best scp game on itch

nitw moment

funny sheep game

cool and good

hey, i make music and added you on discord if you want to hear examples.



does the black moon howl?

metal as hell


finally i can put my long-lost drag clicking skills to good use

render this in chunks lol
concept is a banger



reminds me of the house on ash tree lane.

this looks sick

can't wait lol

yup. i like my jam spooky-flavored. 

i already got an offer but i'm down to just hang out and talk about the jam on discord. i can team with you for the next jam if you want to add me.

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Jimmy#7514 on discord, i'm also in the scream zone discord server. dm for examples or to ask me make to stuff.

i want to try making games in the future (learning how to do super basic stuff with godot rn) so i'd love to do some music for a jam team. already pretty good at making music/sfx for whatever you need, discord @ Jimmy#7514 or email, whichever you prefer to ask for clips + past stuff. never done this kind of thing before and i'd love to try it.

holy crap i LOVED THIS! if you ever need music i'd be honored to work with you lol. this was amazingly unsettling.

i make some nice stuff and would love to work on music for a game. here's a little example i made tonight. i'm a nice guy and if you like my music add me on discord as person name#3341.

What did you make this with?

- all of the artwork was drawn with my laptop trackpad

Oh boy I can only imagine...

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Every time this idea is used it just gets better and better. Sadly, or happily, copying your brain into ones and zeroes and running it off of a battery doesn't just magically transport your sentience and conciousness to a computer, so none of this will ever be possible. You'd just have an extremely accurate A.I. of someone deceased.

You're going to have to explain this, not sure what you mean by "YOU are the computer."

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Fun fact: This glitch also appears in older versions of Minecraft (1.7-1.8 I believe), but significantly slower. I think it's caused by making each key just add velocity in a direction to the player, so if W is 1 speed and D is 1 speed, W+D make 2 speed, diagonally.

It's supposed to snag a picture off your desktop to freak me out. Mine was a meme and I laughed.

I'm coming. 

Bit of a "iS tHiS aN aRg?" scenario here, cla2vis7 created a few days before this post and never posted anything else after.