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Jimmy Schubert

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Potshot Pirates

Yarr! A merry Talk like a Pirate day to the lot of ye!

I'm excited to announce my free browser game, Potshot Pirates, a simple strategy game inspired by the likes of Tank Stars, Scorched Earth and Gorillas!


Snipe the enemy from afar or destroy all of their islands to drag them into the deadly maelstrom!

Unleash special weapons including Homing Rockets, Cannonball Proof Bubble Shields and bait-balls to summon the mighty Kraken!

Potshot Pirates!


The culmination of a month or so of work, Talk like a Pirate Day seemed like the perfect opportunity to get over the monumental hurdle in game development of 'actually releasing something'.

I'd love to continue building this project and if it gains traction there's a bunch of features I want to add including:

1) Local Multiplayer

2) Progression and Meta

3) Online Multiplayer

4) A Mobile Version

All feedback is welcome, thank you and hope you have fun!

(Follow me on Twitter for development updates!


Was not disappointed! Would love to see you carry this on in some form!

Really looking forward to playing this! Between the sprite style and the pirate focus it's my type of game!

This was the game from this jam that I was looking forward to playing the most and I wasn't disappointed, great stuff!

Thanks for playing :D

Pretty cool :)

Definitely worked! Would love to see you carry this on if you had any further ideas.

Fun idea! Hope you carry on with it :)

Really like it, you nailed the atmosphere!

This was really good! I could get hooked on something like this, hope you continue development! Have you considered mobile? I think it'd suit this perfectly.

Hah, love it! The Ice Cream art looked delicious too :P

Loves it! Could be a really useful tool for a writer or designer.

Really impressive for a gamejam, couldn't find many players online though, hope dev on this continues :)

Pretty impressive, love seeing tech experiment stuff like this.

Lot of fun, really liked the style too!

This was really cool, I could see it being crazy useful for designers/DM's etc. Nice work!

Cool idea, well executed too!

Really fun to watch, I liked it :)

This was really cool, got some great results from it!

Quite mesmerizing to watch, was super cool!

Hah this was neat! And unnerving in a sort of way.

Really compelling, I like it!

Brought back some good memories of classic games :D

This was very impressive, great atmosphere too!

This is really cool, hope you take it further with the descriptions you mention below!

This was pretty cool :)

This created really nice worlds to inhabit :), loved the art too!

This was so cool! Super exciting to think of where else this could go too!

Quite mesmerizing, I really like the DNA function.

Fun premise, the world was really interesting too.

Love the premise, super creepy atmosphere too! Great work!

Fun game, curious to see where it goes next!

This had such an amazing style and atmosphere, I could get lost for ages just looking out at the city. Could totally see a VR version, great job!

Amazing atmosphere :D I love the aesthetics.

Thanks! :D 

And yeah, several doctors were consulted in the making of this game, at least they said they were doctors. 

Thank you very much that's great to hear! Yeah I totally developed it with mobile in mind and kept making Android builds throughout the development :) (I feel a lot less like I'm about to get carpal tunnel syndrome when I play it on a touch screen vs with a mouse that's for sure haha). 

Amazing art and aesthetic, I'd really love to see you do more with this! It's great :)

Great aesthetic and tone, love the premise too.

Was the running guy the dude from No More Heroes?

Great stuff!

Love the style and art! 

The "aww coooomoooooon" pose the vampires do when they open up is great haha.

Thanks for hosting the jam, it was super fun :)