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Thanks for playing :D

Heh yeah that's come up a few times, had a feeling it might but wanted to see how people found it :P

Thanks for playing!!

Thanks for playing :D and hehe yeah It did occur to me that people could do that, but I figured I'm okay with it for the most part as the upgrades aren't too game breaking.

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Hmm not sure then, it doesn't seem to be happening for other people, all I can suggest is maybe try clearing your browser cache or trying a different browser/machine.

I can't find anything about that specific issue online, I guess keep trying and hopefully it works before rating ends.

Sorry dude!


Thank you so much!

Oh no D: which browser are you on?

Thank you so much :D and I think I just need to restrict the enemies to 8 directions rather than 32 to solve the bullets staying on grid issue, will look into it!

Thank you :D! And yeah I thought I was good at touch typing but making this made me re-think that haha.

Thank you so much, that means a lot! Yeah that's completely fair about the font and it was something I figured might happen. I actually changed fonts mid way through dev as my previous one was even harder to read, but yeah sadly I didn't catch the U and V thing specifically till after I'd submitted (those in particular are quite dodgy haha). Thanks!

Thank you that's great to hear! Yeah that's fair regarding the sameyness, there was a set amount of rooms that cycled randomly so it runs out pretty quickly. Thank you for playing!!

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Thank you! :D That's interesting what you say about easy, I thought I was good at touch typing but even towards the end of playtesting I still couldn't get my head around it sometimes haha. 21 rooms is great, thanks for playing it so thoroughly!

Yeah that's fair, maybe you could shoot at a reduced speed if you hold, but you can really hit a high fire rate if you're clicking.

This is absolutely my favorite game of the jam!! It looks amazing, sounds amazing and feels amazing, I could totally see this as a full game with a price tag! The way you fused the music and the gameplay was just awesome! My only criticisms would be that it felt a little too hard (but that's probably just personal preference), I wanted more feedback on the slow down time thing and I wasn't sure if I should have been shooting at all the enemies or not. But those are just insignificant things, this is really awesome, well done!!

You really nailed the aesthetic and theme here, awesome work! I felt like it was a little too hard, or at least that there were too many enemies that moved too fast at first as I had more trouble with them than I did their bullets. Un-corrupting the files felt cool too. Good job!

Actually stumbled upon this on Twitter while it was being developed, was super excited to finally play it! This is such an awesome use of the theme and an interesting twist on bullet hell in general! The art was awesome, especially for the ship. It felt like maybe it was a little too hard but I don't play a lot of bullet hells so take that with a punch of salt. Awesome job!

This was awesome! The visuals and aesthetic were really haunting and on point (though it felt like the brightness could have been pushed up as it was a bit hard to see). The core tank gameplay was fun and the controls and movement, including the dodge were just really satisfying, I'd totally play a full game of this! The 'corruption twist' was great, really well executed and fun, one of the best uses of the theme I've seen! Great job!

Have been really looking forward to playing this one, it looks stunning! Also feels really great, it took me a second to figure out how the shooting worked but the mechanic of having it follow the mouse then only shoot when it settled on it was genius! The effects could feel a bit too over the top sometimes, but maybe that just added to the charm. I look forward to seeing this boss in my nightmares, awesome work!!

This was really cool! I'll repeat the small window comments made below but in general I really liked what you were going for with the style. It did take me a second to work out how to get the starting room with the stairs though. The thing I liked most were the core combat mechanics, the roll and the need to reload together with how the shooting felt have a lot of potential to explore more deliberate gameplay that rewards the players mastery of the mechanics. With different weapons that put spins on that I think it could lead to some really interesting stuff. Cool entry, well done!

All the cinematic elements for a game jam were super impressive! And the theme, world and aesthetic in general were great! Very cheesy but in the best of ways, I dug the voice over and soundtrack especially! I've not seen a lot of third person bullet hell games, and this makes me want to see more exploration of it! I found the mouse sensitivity to be a bit too high, and it would have been nice to feel like I could dodge the enemy bullets somehow, they seemed too fast to try and negotiate around like in a more traditional bullet hell. This is awesome though! Do you plan on carrying it on? I think it's got a lot of potential.

Very very cool! Really unique and weird in all the good ways. Super hard but I understand that was the point and it really added to that 'one more go' feeling! The sound design alone was brilliant and the shifts in gameplay and amazing visuals really added to it! Felt like two games in one that could have easily carried individual games by themselves tbh! Amazing work.

Yeah I always find loads of funky stuff happens in HTML5 that doesn't occur normally :(

Wow this is so cool! I really love the orbit/gravity stuff, it feels super unique! The visuals are really cool and the gameplay is interesting. I feel like maybe the control and movement could be something more precise to deal with everything going on, I'm not sure what specifically though, at the very least maybe have the shooting when holding down the mouse be faster than it is now. Awesome entry, probably my favorite so far!

I've never seen auto shooting done with mouse direction before, it's surprisingly difficult but interesting! I also liked using cover in the fights to deal with the intensity of the enemies. It'd be good to fix the screen size issue though zooming the page out was a good temp fix. Nice work and thanks for hosting the jam!

The game looks great! Really liked the dungeon feel of it too. It was really cool that the bullets had some spread instead of going straight to the target, I feel like it made the combat that little more intense. The black screen thing was pretty jarring but I understand from the description that this was a bug. Good work!

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This is really cool and looked great! The concept is nice and the movement felt slick and fun. The first time the robots joined together was an amazing moment. It would have been nice to hold to shoot instead of having to click but that's pretty minor. Awesome job! Thanks for hosting!

Thank you so much, that's amazing to hear!!

Thank you :) 

Thanks :D

Thank you :D!

This is really cool! The feel of it was really interesting though the camera zooming out endlessly made it a bit hard in the end. Good work!

Really good use of the theme! Solid game :D

Very cool! Much needed at the moment too. Would love you see you develop this further!

This is so cool! Like a clicker arcade hybrid, really clever mechanic and super cool (and I guess relevant atm) use of the theme! Love it!!

Cool use of the theme! I like the sprites too!

*spooky dab*

Thanks :D

Thank you :D!

Thanks Gunnar :D, yeah I need to start erring on the side of 'feels easy? Make it easier' I think, especially in such short jams. Don't mind it being a bit hard though.

Thanks :D!