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Really impressive game completed in 48 hours! It's challenging and exciting at the same time. Can the Ziggy's be re-used?

Thank you! Glad to see that we could bring the tense feeling across!

Tried the Game Jam version. Seems like some instructions will help, but the lack of instructions definitely contribute to the theme!

Really like the concept! Keep it up!

A creative concept that really fits the theme! Would be nice if we had the option to click through dialogue.

Simple idea that gives a lot of potential with the unintended bug of not being able to see Karen. Being unable to see her gives it another layer of being out of control, and this concept could be further explored to make a very unique mechanic!

Thank you for the feedback! Our team agrees that a bit more guidance should be given for that room. The switch is in fact found in the path behind where the second Dinger is standing in that room.

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Great game! I like how we need to figure out the mechanics without any guidance. 

Truly out of control. Great job!

Great concept and game! Simple controls with a difficulty that makes me want to continue trying.

Thanks! Yeah, I wonder why he is so obsessed with Meowda...

Thank you! Great to hear that you completed it, well done! 

Thank you! That sounds like a great and simple way to spruce it up!