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Having the items give upgrades to the ship was in the original idea. I decided I needed to get a playable version out, so a lot of stuff got cut. Now that a playable version is out there and I still want to make something bigger I should revisit old ideas and new ones to make the game more fun, because the game definitely needs more to it.

I guess my thinking now is to have item slots on your saucer as well as the mothership. So you will have items that repair the mothership and items that get attached to your saucer and give a permanent upgrade. The battery increasing the max power is a good idea, and an item to slow the amount of heat you get when spotted. There is so much potential for cool items I need to decide what adds the most fun, and go from there. A bucket of paint as an item to change the color of the saucer needs to be added, Nice idea.

I copy pasted all these ideas to a big text file I have for future consideration, but for this week anyway I am just trying to tighten everything up, so the game is in a solid place before I start adding things. Thanks for the continued feedback!

Hey thanks for all the good feedback! I'm going to have to give you a credit on the game!

Tooltips for the buttons is another idea that seems so obvious. I need to try to implement that immediately. I think I had thought about that in the past but forgot, This is why people make a proper design doc I suppose.

Making the robot voice speak gibberish makes a lot of sense too. I had actually made a voice kinda like the voices in Undertale for another game I tried making. It could be fun to come up with some unique sounding robot gibberish. I think it could give the game way more character. Plus if I give the game language options it still fits, that's something I hadn't thought about.

I agree I need to tighten up just about everything. I just started implementing things to get them working, then didn't polish them once they halfway worked. So its just a matter of fine tuning. I think when you are being detected I will also show a red bar around the screen as a visual clue along with the sound. That's got me thinking about game design things I could change about the whole getting detected thing, Thanks again for the feedback, it actually gives me some more ideas and motivates me to keep working!

Hey! I didn't notice this suggestion earlier. That actually never crossed my mind to hold LMB to move. It took about 3 lines of code to implement and it feels good to control that way. Thanks for the suggestion! Seems so obvious to now :) I got a lot to keep track of with this game.

I plan to add a full options menu in the future. I will need to look into how to implement rebindable keys. I'm sure it's not that hard but I haven't tried before. Its on the list!

Like a disguise to let u move around on  the ground without being detected, plus it would add some more humor. I like it! 

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Bob is broken right now it seems. He is supposed to always walk toward a certain point on the map once you pick him up. I'll need to fix that because it could break the game if you drop him at the mothership like you did. Thanks for the feedback!


Thanks for all the good feedback! There is an area of the map that is locked until you take bob there or he is supposed to walk there if you drop him, but its broke right now. I think once you pickup bob some text should tell you where you need to take him and if you drop him he will move there on his own, but I agree the player should know where to go after finding bob. I'll upload an updated version where bob at least isn't broken soon.

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Right now the items you get from looting houses is a TV, a remote control, and a portable radio once you get all 3 you get a "Navigation" item for the mothership. I need to add little text popups explaining the mechanic. The game is missing a lot of tutorialising. I need to work on the UI some more, I want the console bar to pop up tutorial text when you first find things.

I like the idea of something that changes the appearance of the alien that could be funny, and some of the houses give you nothing right now. I suppose you could steal a bath robe or something and have it show on the alien sprite. Nice idea.

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Thanks for making this video! It is super helpful to see someone actualy playing the game, even if its in french :) I'll need to watch the video again and take notes on what can be improved.

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That's awesome! Thanks for playing. Those funny moments is what I was going for.

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Now Available on

Pilot a UFO around an isometric small town. A weird game full of references to UFO lore and other highly strange things. Made with the Godot game engine.

Medevac demo. Pilot a medevac helicopter through an isometric battlefield. Defend the fire bases by ferrying troops to the front lines. Pickup wounded soldiers and fly them back to HQ to earn XP. Feedback is more than welcome!

Puzzle Solving "Antibody"


Antibody is a top down twin-stick  shooter/metroidvania style game I'm making. Explore an atmospheric derelict spaceship invested with aliens. Fight off swarms of enemies while solving puzzles and unlocking new abilities.

It's still a work in progress, but what is there I think is a fun little slice of a game. I'm the only one to ever play test it so feedback would be amazing.

WOW! Super well done. Character has some weight to him. I really like the death sound effect. I did a whole lot better once I made it full screen. Nice job, keep up the great work!

A hobby project i have been working on solo for a year.