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It's a good proof of concept, but the grinding is a bit stressful. I think it lacks the use of consumables like MP potions.

8 bits to infinity is the name of the group organizing the event. It has nothing to do with the jam content.

Source code:

You're right, I have the script for the knockback ready, but I can't upload it until after the voting period.

I really liked the colors used, looks like a fun game to teach kids about the basic protocols to follow during this times.

You got me with Antsune, also I liked the visual style of the characters.

The movement of the main character is a bit choppy though.

It was really fun. 

It's a good prototype, you can add more stuff though. There's no clear indication of what to do in the game aside from trying to avoid the virus. 

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I really liked the set and the music, the game feels kind of repetitive though. 

Really fun game, I liked the concept.

I really liked the pacing of the game, there's a small bug though, after you die the camera doesn't focus back to the player.

I really liked the concept of only being able to go forward. 

It was a good concept, you need to be more careful with the player placement in the movement and the size of the sprites.

It was really fun, I really liked the use of the minimap to help in the levels.

I really liked the art, I thought  there was still some stuff to do after returning the rock kids, maybe you should put a message telling when the demo ends.

Thanks, I'm currently honing the platforming mechanics. I'm leaving it this way for this jam, but in another I'll use better distributions between the tiles and the player's movement.

Thanks for you feedback, I'm currently learning the use of Asprite, so I can make my own assets. I'm also looking for a way to make some sfx's and music.

Thanks, I'm currently honing the mechanics of the game, I'll submit it again to another jam once I get it right.

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The art and music are pretty good and the gameplay is ok. The only problem I had was that the gems sometimes stopped my air time, also the wall jump is a bit complicated to use.

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