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Created a new topic cannot Delete on Macbook Pro

I just downloaded Kenny Studio NXT (the new prototype that you just released) on my Macbook Pro, and the first major issue was immediately apparent: I can't delete anything! Presumably the Del key the app responds to is a different key from the 'delete' on this keyboard, since this is a shorter keyboard that doesn't have the numpad and stuff. I think full size keyboards actually have multiple keys for deleting (Backspace, Del, etc.) so you should probably just make your tool respond to all of them.

I had written a Blender script to export data about objects in the scene: https://jhocking.itch.io/dropper-for-blender

Essentially it's a simple level editor. It writes out JSON or XML with the names, positions, etc.

As the description explains, I had first written a Blender script to do this years ago, but Blender's API changed soon after and that script no longer works. Ever since I've been meaning to re-write the script in the new API, and this toolbox jam finally gave me a reason to do it!