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You corrected it on your main profile page and on this thumbnail image, but it's still wrong on the header image of this page.

psst you misspelled "items"

oo neat, I haven't played any tabletop RPGs in a long time, but this description sounds very similar to Beyond the Supernatural and I was a fan of that game.

Noticed a minor bug: when you sacrifice Souls, Raw Mana production is hidden until you buy a second ghost.

This is way more detail than I'm likely to read, but this dive into the game and adventures is really interesting!

This sounds interesting so I can't wait to read it, plus thanks for introducing me to MÖRK BORG!

Is the room that says END OF VERSION as far as the current version of the game goes? I can see map beyond that, but I can't find any way further...

New build uploaded! I added confetti explosions when you complete a level, and I added right-mouse controls a player requested.

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I'm a solo dev if that's what you mean, and I did all the programming. The graphics (eg. the smoke effects) are mostly cobbled together from stuff I got on Unity's asset store.

Although I made this specifically for the Go, it works so well on desktop too that I'll probably throw in the controls you suggested.

Yeah a list would still be nice, although since my post (almost immediately after actually) this has been changed to at least scroll back and forth, which is a big improvement over only switching in one direction.

Right now when you click the folder to switch object categories, it simply switches to the next category alphabetically. Can this be changed to display a list of all categories, so that you can select which category you want?

I just downloaded Kenny Studio NXT (the new prototype that you just released) on my Macbook Pro, and the first major issue was immediately apparent: I can't delete anything! Presumably the Del key the app responds to is a different key from the 'delete' on this keyboard, since this is a shorter keyboard that doesn't have the numpad and stuff. I think full size keyboards actually have multiple keys for deleting (Backspace, Del, etc.) so you should probably just make your tool respond to all of them.

I had written a Blender script to export data about objects in the scene:

Essentially it's a simple level editor. It writes out JSON or XML with the names, positions, etc.

As the description explains, I had first written a Blender script to do this years ago, but Blender's API changed soon after and that script no longer works. Ever since I've been meaning to re-write the script in the new API, and this toolbox jam finally gave me a reason to do it!