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I didn't have "the chance" to play your game at round 1, it's done now ! The gamefeel is very good. I snapped the rubber band many times but managed to cross the line in about 30s ^^ The audio fits the theme :+1:

You raised up the bar ! Great atmosphere, storytelling and emotions. Well done.

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Ooooooh myyyyyy god I really liked it :) I jump right into the game, needed 1 round to understand it and playing back again. The music is enjoying, the five notes series are fun to hear ! The game is so simple but so addictive that for me it's a hit. I saw you have other games based on music and rhythm, will take a look sometime ! You just gain a follower ;)

I went until "Not far from perfect" (or something like that).

PS : reading other comments, I personally have nothing to tell about the audio feedback, but perhaps we talk about visual feedbacks. I played with eyes closed...

It tooks me a little time to get to maintain the Deafen key to ear the complete melody. Apart from that, I quickly get into the feel of the game and wanted to open more doors (but didn't finished all the levels !). Great game !

It could have been a hard choice to keep the same universe that round 1 and you did well :) The overall ambiance really fit the game style, and the fun is everywhere (I like how the character runs !). Only the gameplay is perhaps a bit simple, but it's very well done anyway !

Thanks for your honest comment that makes sense and gives me useful feedback about game design. It's a skill I try to improve for some time.

Thanks HalfSmore ! I couldn't agree more with you :) Too much ambition in not so much time to allow this round.

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Thanks for you comment ! I had inspiration for the sonar minigame from a movie you can read in the description. It could be extended far more :D For instance, you have to detect which submarine type it is, by listening to its audio signature, know if it is friend or foe and decide to shoot or not...

Thanks ! I missed time to allow to polish the game further, or perhaps I should have done only one game. But there are lessons learned ^^

Hi Brainfart ! Thanks for the comment. Indeed I was short in time and could not put a button to get back to the home screen... I wonder if I could update this within the voting period :P

As you notice also, I could have focus on one game and do it well instead of multiple ones but not really finished or polished. But that was the direction I took for this round.

Good luck to all ^^


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Alright, thanks. Interested in this kind of Tools but Never used yet on a project. Keep up the good work on the game !

Hi. Nice start, atmosphere and gamefeel ! How do you use Leonardo in the development process ?

Thanks Dev Pirates :) I can only agree with you with the lack of challenge at the actual state of the game. Hope to reach the gameplay round and probably push the gameplay further in the next round (fingers crossed).

Thanks spoonsweet ! I hope to honor the genre if future rounds if I can go through ^^

Thanks. I had no more time to create a much more appealing gameplay, but yes, your suggestions are welcome. The idea that came along was to sort the cards, and when you click "Next cards", if there are cards left to be stack the game ends or you get a king of penalty. Will try things if I go through round 1 :D

Awesome work ! You went more far than expected for round 1 ! The theme fits perfectly, I played until the end of level 3.

Thanks, and yes, the game loop does not exist yet ! So we don't know what to do with the cards (:

Thanks for your comment. You're right, the rules and gameplay are not defined yet ! So it's a bit frustrating at the moment ^^^More to come if I get to the round 2 !

Nice visuals (even without the glow effect) and atmosphere. Went to the flag but tried to catch the sheep (?) below. I failed here but I was a good experience with "oh", "ha", "hiii" all the way ^^Good job !

Thanks ! I share your need of a game loop :p I hope to reach round 3 to dive into it more, but will probably add a game loop with a goal, from round 2 if I pass the first one !

At the moment it's the game of the jam that hooked me longer ! I stop at the letter far in the high buildings... "try to not do that again" ^^ awesome controls and level design !

Thanks a lot Charlie !

Original implementation of the theme and the modifier. Cute visuals. Pleasant to play, looking forward to the next round ;)

Thanks ^^ I noticed it could occur when you have ratings not saved, and you comment at the same time (something like that).

Thanks ! I put all my efforts on assets coherence and game feel, as it is a skill I have to improve (aside from coding). Glad you enjoyed this simple game and hope to have something much more interesting if I manage to go to round 3 :D

You are supposed to avoid heads-on collision with other cars
Alright, thanks, this is common sense after all ^^ I was not sure ! And lets keep the rest for the gameplay round ;) but yes, power-ups could be fine.

Hi. I like how you implemented the theme (reminds me "Destruction Derby" on PS1 ^^). About the game rules, I didn't catch when you are wasted or not. Also I would like to warp around the screen like the other cars (or like it seems to). All in all there is potential in your game and I had quite fun to play it !

Visuals and atmosphere are nice, your work on the VFX is on a good way (as said in the game description). Not sure where the theme fits (even after reading ProSmashy's comment ^^), anyway, good luck for this round !

Thanks for the rating and the kind comment Marlin !
Will check your game ASAP.

PS : your comment has been duplicated (itch lag I presume), perhaps you could delete the second).

Merci Captain :)

Hey :) Glad to have a reply from you too ! (and played and commented my last game jam entry ^^ will reply to it later ;))

I'm on my way to grab all the informations at once, if you let me let's say until the end of september, I could probably show you the result (I have other things to do too, and not much free time). For the moment I managed to grab the information from the fetch call and use your parser to save the data, but not in a loop for now.

At the end, perhaps it will be another script, perhaps the script could have 2 purposes : "Export all" on the main page and "Export collection" on the page collection ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (if we can export all at once, it would be probably useless to export just a category).

What do you think ?

Cheers !

PS : the correct URL is more like this one that the one I put in my first message :{collection_id}/{collection_slug}?page=2&format=json

Merci ! Je prépare une version post-jam qui devrait rendre le jeu plus agréable encore 🤞

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Hi abraxas86 and thanks a lot for this script ! I was looking such a solution and you've done it.

Just tested it, it works like a charm.

The major need is to have a nice way to manage collections as it is not yet possible on Itch. With your script, any Webdev could do its own work upon it and do what they want. As I want to do also.

I looked how the data is pulled from Itch and yes, it's all HTML from the request and the API does not permit this kind of access (like JSON results as we'd like to have). BUT there are fetch requests like these ones : that bring the same HTML that you parse in your Tampermonkey script, so your script could probably be updated to automatically get all the collections in one click ! Yes, it's more work to do. I'm not asking you to code it, it's definitely something I or someone else can try too.

Ideally, an Electron app (or even a Website) could to the job :p (again I'm not asking you to make it ^^). So the app could be shared to every Itch user.

Your script is a very good start and job !
I'll keep you informed if I work on it.

Edit : For a standalone app, I realise the credentials thing could be tricky to manage as the collection URL is not part of the API. Perhaps using the OAuth login we could make requests with the logged user, not sure, to be continued...

All good :p

Ok merci, c'est ce que je me disais du coup (on repère notamment celui en "escalier"). Cool ^^

Merci ! Le truc un peu cool est aussi de faire des "slides" en gardant le bouton appuyé (au cas où tu serais passé à côté ^^). J'essaierai de trouver quelques heures après la jam pour rendre ça moins frustrant et j'ai quelques idées de "bonus/combos" à mettre en oeuvre si je reste motivé sur le projet.

Plutôt sommaire mais on arrive à se laisser prendre au jeu ;) à suivre !

Plutôt sommaire mais on arrive à se laisser prendre au jeu ;) à suivre !

Une fois qu'on sait qu'on interagit avec la flèche du haut, c'est tout de suite mieux ;) Question : le terrain est généré procéduralement ? (pas pris le temps de bien regarder).