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Nice designed game :)

Hi Mark.

I feel like DragonGino : the clues are not clear to understand (or is it the mechanic ?), sometimes we think a clue apply and in fact not. It is very possible we don't understand the mechanic :)

Also,, why is there clues at the bottom and on the right of the board ? Have they a different meaning ?

Can't rate now, I'll come back soon to try again.

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Thanks for the feedback Mark :)

I just added the shadows.
And a button to pan the camera (Follow) : this part is not very helpful yet, I would like to keep the center fixed, but didn't manage to.

Concerning your feedback :

  • Music : bought on audiojungle
  • Tileset : I redrawn the original tileset of Shangai II in vector, but the old bitmap export is not in HD yet.
  • Solvable or random ? random... :) To do that I have to find a way to place the tiles by pairs in order the player to have at least one solvable arrangement.
  • EDIT : backgrounds can be nice but can also be disturbing : it can be optionnal (plain color or background, even one from the Internet ^^)

Your questions just matched what was in my head ^^

Very simple and well done game. Do you plan other features (I just went to score 45) ?

Ajouté dans la description ;) Merci. Gros fail sur le choix des touches :D

Merci. Arf désolé j'ai zappé, on déplace le perso avec les touches 1, 2, 3 et 5 du pavé numérique :) sur ordi portable sans pavé ça risque d'être chaud. À update oO

Very cute game, nice gameplay at first try :)

Nice concept and progressive difficulty, fun to play. Simple but subtle implementation of the Shapeshifting theme :) Well done.

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Hi. Control system figured out at second or third play. Perhaps little flickering arrows near the head of the worm at the start could help (or just add arrow control help in the intro scroller). Very nice game by the way!