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My F1 key is broken; how else can I open the cheat menu?

Is the game only compatible with Windows 8 and up? I have the latest directX installed on my computer (Windows 7- directX11) so I'm not sure what the problem is... the missing component error won't disappear.

Stunning visuals! Seems like a promising dive.

The plot itself, while promising, is a tad bit short. In my first playthrough,  I was shocked to find myself dead just by choosing to hide with Hiroki. I made no other decisions  other than hiding with him, which led me to thinking there was a glitch in the dialouge. I restarted the game, and the same thing happened. Eventually, I realized it was the same for every character I clicked on. 

I'm still wondering if this is what is supposed to happen... Is there perhaps a walkthrough?

Anyways, the game was fairly interesting, and the character's conversations with each other are quite natural... I'm looking forward to any of your future works! :)

Fantastic demo! The artwork is stunning, and no complaints from my part.

Do you guys know when the full game would be out, and the price of it? I wouldn't mind paying for this!

The characters are absolutely GORGEOUS and wonderfully created! Comet is my favorite; I'm a huge sucker for men like him in otome games... anyways, this demo was incredible! The storyline is interesting and paced just right, and I love how you can interact with every one of the characters instead of choosing one romance path right from the beginning... the CGs are also stunning.  I'm heading over to fill out the demo survey <3 <3

This game is golden, and I really can't wait until the full release; do you guys have an approximate idea on when it will be? Beautiful work so far!

This game is absolutely adorable, and Everett is the cutest thing ever!

A question though (since I'm a little tight with money)- will the full game only be available for commercial release? If so, do you have an idea on what the price would be around?

When I clicked 'download' for this game, I knew I was going to do so with high expectations and without any regrets, as I had fell in love with Nusantara: The Legend of the Winged Ones! It's certainly beautiful (like most of your stories), and the story is A+++... I'm definitely looking forward towards the final release. Anyways, much love from a fairly new fan of yours <33

This game honestly looks amazing and well-done! I've downloaded the beta and I'm itching to play it, but not until I comment and praise you for a job done so creatively. I'm looking forward to the full game, and I wouldn't mind paying for it, as long as the price is reasonable of course! Will the full game be free? If not, how much would you estimate it to be? How long do you think this project will take? I'm so sorry for rushing you but this looks amazing and I can't wait to play the whole thing!

I couldn't help but drop by with a little compliment on this lovely game~

What I loved most about this visual novel was that you could choose what to say- and you wouldn't have to worry about how it affected the ending that you got. In most visual novels, the protaganist is usually... naive and cute? and that's honestly becoming repetitive throughout choice-related games :/. However, this game completely took that idea and destroyed it, which I absolutely loved. Sometimes I wanted to be a flirt without worrying about the outcome, and most times I acted a little more mature, which let me stay true to my actual personality. This is was extremely refreshing, thank you so much for this <3.

I've played The Lady's Choice before (straying off topic, but my favorite was Amesbury) and I think you kind of ruined visual novels for me starting then haha. I've only completed one of Lucan's route so far (Freed Spirits Ending) and his personality was A plus, but I was actually hoping to kind of know him a little more? Something that could assure me that behind that flirty exterior there was some sob story; I'm a sucker for those. I'm on my way to conquer Tristian's heart too, wish me luck ^~^

Perhaps, is there a walkthrough of this? I assume there's three total endings for a character, and I would love to see the other endings without replaying the game all over again (though i wouldn't mind as much as it's really interactive)~ Thank you for the incredible experience and your hard work!

I loved this game! I'm completely bewildered as to why there barely are any reviews on this adorable yet educational visual novel, but I, for one, enjoyed every aspect of it. The main character's personality is admirable, and to be very honest, having cute and shy protaganists sometimes takes the fun out of visual novels for me since I can barely relate at all. Her personality is much more headstrong and independent, which definitely adds a refreshing twist to the plot. Thank you for making this~

Hey! I loved this demo, and as you can see (I know you can't I was just joking), my favorite character in the game so far is Lucifine (Lucifine as in that fine body DAYUM) ~ The game first appeared to me as cute and simple and I thought "oh, another one of those supernatural and horror vns where you can romance monsters"... I was never so wrong in my entire life. I made an account specifically to comment on this, and I was wondering, will the full game be free (if not, could you provide an estimate for the price)? I would love to purchase this as long as the price is at a reasonable range~ Please continue working hard on this; I can't wait for the full release!