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I couldn't help but drop by with a little compliment on this lovely game~

What I loved most about this visual novel was that you could choose what to say- and you wouldn't have to worry about how it affected the ending that you got. In most visual novels, the protaganist is usually... naive and cute? and that's honestly becoming repetitive throughout choice-related games :/. However, this game completely took that idea and destroyed it, which I absolutely loved. Sometimes I wanted to be a flirt without worrying about the outcome, and most times I acted a little more mature, which let me stay true to my actual personality. This is was extremely refreshing, thank you so much for this <3.

I've played The Lady's Choice before (straying off topic, but my favorite was Amesbury) and I think you kind of ruined visual novels for me starting then haha. I've only completed one of Lucan's route so far (Freed Spirits Ending) and his personality was A plus, but I was actually hoping to kind of know him a little more? Something that could assure me that behind that flirty exterior there was some sob story; I'm a sucker for those. I'm on my way to conquer Tristian's heart too, wish me luck ^~^

Perhaps, is there a walkthrough of this? I assume there's three total endings for a character, and I would love to see the other endings without replaying the game all over again (though i wouldn't mind as much as it's really interactive)~ Thank you for the incredible experience and your hard work!

I'm so glad you've enjoyed the game :) Having different personality options and repsonses for the MC is something I really enjoy myself, so I always make sure to add it into whatever interactive pieces I am doing!

I wish I'd had more time to explore the personality and stories of each of the guys further, but a month was much shorter than I thought it was :D I had to cut out quite a bit to keep to the time limit of NaNo- though, I hope it was enjoyable even with that.

I haven't done a walkthrough, but there are three endings for each character- but they vary only slightly for each character, which is why I put that there is only 'three' endings in general for the game (another thing due to time constraints...).

Thank you so much for your lovely comment :)