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So like five years ago?

The game isn't bad, but MV makes it nearly unplayable, at least for weaker computers. MV has serious lag issues which don't really exist in earlier RPG Maker engines. It is better to not make a reflex-based game in MV. The eye closing ability makes it manageable most of the time, but it makes it impossible to do anything carefully in a room with invulnerable enemies because you can easily take two steps or more instead of one and sometimes the game just stops for a few seconds, usually at tense moments.

The menu seems really dysfunctional... If I try to save the game I get an error.

I thought it was shallow, poorly presented, easily expected and not scary. I don't get how people like this. The only good thing is Monika at the end. The game really is agonizingly slow too. I have played long visual novels and never felt like skipping so much before. Going over the same scenes again with only minor differences and non-creepy text in a scary font was really bad. The glitch stuff was also boring since it really added nothing except the fact that things were falling apart.

Ah, I realized that I haven't really explained the plot at all yet.... Basically, they go to a castle which serves to be like a boot camp where they learn how  to become magical girls. Even while they are learning, they need to fight the enemy monster forces as well as other forces in the domain of magic that have made magical girls their enemies. The game will mostly involve the castle residents who fight to make the world better, the monster enemies whose defeat will cleanse the Earth of excess evil and the rival magical girl camp which is filled with evil and belligerent people who don't deserve to be magical girls.

I have finished all of the ally character designs, which means that I will focus on the major enemies and special characters next.

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Hi. I am Pseudowako. My project is a completely original RPG Maker 2003 game called Magical Girl Castle. It has a lot of magical girl friendship and some romance, but it also has combat. The relevant scenes are used in a way like social links in the Persona franchise, but you can choose when to pick someone as a romantic partner and picking multiple partners is possible.

The current work is on a demo so you maybe won't get to see a lot of the potential friend and romance options, but I will keep it as a priority considering this is a Yuri Jam entry. As for gameplay content, I plan on only showing one level, but two is possible if I can somehow manage working that fast.

My current progress estimates are:

Character Design: 25%

Monster Design: 10%

Character interactions: 1%

Plot Design: 15%

Scripting/Coding and Mapping: 3%

Environmental Art: 20%

Skill Design: 5%

Weapon Design: 10%

Music: 40% (I have made a lot of music, not caring too much about quality, but I probably will make a lot of higher quality new songs in the future anyway.)

User Interface Design: 0% (An aesthetic change that will not likely be applied to the demo.)

Perhaps you noticed that I have more art done than actual content... Well, I have been working on art almost the entire time of development so far. The art isn't particularly good, but it is a steep learning curve to design all of the different aspects. Much of the hard work has gone into tileset and animated sprite art. I am not too concerned about still pictures though. Skill animations will probably become the next big hurdle since RPG Maker 2003 doesn't even allow you to reverse graphics in animations so it may be a lot of switching between programs.

These three are Valerie (the protagonist), Lenora (her sister) and Rudy (one of the three partners you can start out with).

This project is quite difficult as a first project, but I am feeling very productive so I think I can get the demo done in time for Yuri Jam 2017. Thank you in advance if you are excited for my project.