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Thank you for the encouragement! Glad you liked the theme and genre combo :) Not sure we'll be continuing development on this for now, but I would love to return to this.

Thanks for playing!

Nice attack animations! Combat felt pretty good, but was pretty difficult for me. The fixed camera angle during fights is an interesting design choice!

I'm really impressed you made a multiplayer game! This is a fun word puzzle game, so congrats!

Those eyes were pretty creepy! Nice job with the atmosphere!

This was a fun mini puzzle exploration game! The low res pixel art, music, and sound effects fit together nicely. The puzzles were pretty straightforward, but they also suited the game well. I liked all the different rooms you made and I feel like there could be some secrets I missed. I discovered the ability to float for a short time while attacking in mid-air, which helped a lot with dodging :) Great job!

I'm glad you enjoyed the game even with the limited cards/towers/teens we were able to finish! I had the currency/energy name as "spirit power" in mind, but I like the sound of "spook points" :)

Originally, I was planning to require levels to be unlocked in ascending order as you beat them, but I decided for the game jam to let players try whatever levels since there isn't too much content. But yes, if we end up making a full version, I was planning to add more advanced card/tower mechanics and different enemy abilities as the player progresses.

Thank you for playing!

Thanks for playing! :)
Oops, you found the exploit! I'll remove that in the full version

Hey Noskire, I'm glad you liked it and thank you for playing!

You bring up a good point! I guess part of that is bad RNG in a deckbuilder, but if it's too common, I agree it's bad player experience. I'll experiment with some ways to address that, thanks!

Nice job! The music and art makes a very calming atmosphere. I like the spear mechanic as well! I did notice that the spear does not automatically return to you when you transition to a new area, so when I encountered the first boss, I was waiting 10 seconds for the spear to return lol. The map feels very spread out to me, so maybe adding fast travel checkpoints or introducing dash sooner might help?

Cool mechanic! I think some quality of life things could help, like making it clearer that some upgrades are only for Aliya and showing the path when the selected robot is being put into range of an enemy, but I was able to figure it out.

Very cute and wholesome! My bag was overflowing with candy by the end lol

Thank you for coming back to play the game! :)

Customers will request a color and texture/shape, but you have to always use a sweet fruit, or else the drink will taste bitter. The sweet/bitter taste is actually separate from the color/shape since it has its own gene, so you have to breed the plants to get the sweet taste. I guess this part could be made clearer to the player.

Thanks for the feedback!

Awesome! Looks like we had the same idea then, though I didn't get around to adding mutations :)

Glad the inventory works now! It's a nice, chill farming game!

I think I need to spend more time playing, but looks like you can crossbreed plants to get seeds too. Does it use dominant vs recessive alleles too?

Wow, cutting it close! Glad you got it submitted

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I think I beat the game, though not 100%! I did get confused along the way. Interesting setting that reminds me of the game Talos Principle.

I think having some menus for controls would help a lot. I eventually figured out from button mashing that the four squares are elements you can use with the number keys 1-4, once you've obtained them from those glowing spheres. The diagram with checkboxes and switches didn't make sense to me, but I must have done something right because I still got the door open.

I see potential, especially since I like these types of puzzle exploration games, but most people will probably find this too difficult without tutorials.

Edit: wow, 1 second before the deadline?

Thanks, glad you enjoyed playing! We already started working on a more polished version for after the jam

I like amount of detail in the character animations! This looks like a promising start for a metroidvania game.

I checked out your design docs and am very curious about Guacamelee.

I hope you feel better soon!

Thank you, glad you enjoyed playing! Haha we were going for the more relaxing gameplay
Yeah, that is good feedback. We didn't convey how the breeding/pollination works to the player well enough, but we'll improve that after the jam.

Creative idea! My favorite was the reverse asteroids level.

Nice tower defense game! I liked how the path was not just straight lines, so tower placement was more interesting!

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Amazing job with the level design! I liked how you would come across areas where you'd have to remember to come back to later once you got more jumps. The small hitboxes and the sliding corners on platform edges were nice touches in addition to the smooth controls! The art and music were fitting too!

I managed to beat the game after about a dozen deaths haha. I was going to suggest a checkpoint, but after reading Fredspipa's feedback below, I appreciate your level design even more. There was really only one ledge near the end that I found really difficult, so maybe if that area was closer to the starting point, that would make dying there less punishing.

Overall, awesome platformer!

Thank you for playing and for the kind words! Yeah, we wanted to add a cafe reputation that increases based on the drinks you serve and more interesting phenotypes, but you know how game jams go :)

Lovely minimalist art style and nice AI! The music and sounds effects are fitting too.

I think that letting the player know they're ready to evolve could've been a little more obvious. I didn't realize I had to click on the Evolve button for a while lol

Haha thank you for playing and glad you got the reference! :)

I'm glad you liked it and I appreciate the feedback! That's something we wanted to improve, but ran out of time. We could've planned that better and simplified the gameplay. The fruit's taste is a hidden trait only revealed by the customers' reactions and the taste is determined by the parent plants' genes, but this is not conveyed well to the player.

We'll work on improvements after the jam! Thank you for playing!

I love the charming story and the variety of options! I'm a big fan of letting the player's choices influence the outcome. It was fun raising my elemental slime!

There were some places were the text was harder to read, so maybe an opaque grey background would help.

Thank you for submitting a horror game! Horror has a special place in my heart, so this was fun to play. Unfortunately, I didn't find the key, but I enjoyed the unsettling atmosphere as I went deeper and the journal entries had nice pacing too.

Hi Appleseed! Feel free to try our game!

Wow, that escalated quickly! Nice take on the snake game!
Only issue I had was that the camera zoom/perspective was kinda disorienting. And adding a reminder to press space when ready to grow would be nice.

I'm sorry the game broke. I'm really curious to see since your game idea seems similar to ours.

It wouldn't count for the jam voting, but maybe you could upload it to and share a link?

Fun and creative idea! Not sure if it's completely random or if there's a pattern to discover.
I just hope the cat doesn't get hurt in the process.

Hey, glad you like our game! We definitely could've done better to convey the bitter vs sweet fruit to the player. Right now, the customers' reactions are only slightly different based on the drink taste. Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you for playing! :)

The attack/dash mechanics feel great and the art is lovely! After trying them all, Birdmon is my favorite one. Would be cool to see them evolve again!

Nice work! I liked the fun story and the character sprites were done well.

There were some areas where walking got a little boring, so maybe being able to run or dash would be nice.

I knew I shouldn't have talked to the monkey, but I couldn't resist. Sorry, Mr. Banor.

Hey, thank you for playing both! Glad you enjoyed them!

Thank you! That's the vibe we were going for!

Thank you for playing and I appreciate the feedback! It may not be clear from the gameplay, but each fruit has an unknown bitter or sweet taste, so you want to only serve drinks made from sweet fruit. That's something we could done better to convey to the player, but ran out of time.

Glad you enjoyed it and thank you for playing!