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Hello everyone who've decided to attend the jam, it's AWESOME to have you here!

#Jesterjam3 will be running for the weekend (Starting in 1,5 hours when writing this). You can use just a couple of ours to make your fun little game, or maybe even go all in and use all the time possible? Anyhow, the two rules apply:

  • 1. Use theme "Friends" when designing/developing your game
  • 2. Have fun while doing!

Our Discord channel can be used to either ask help, join a team or just for casual chatting while developing your game(s). Join the Discord here:

Once the jam is over, we will have one week of voting time to find the winner for the jam. Let's see if we can figure out some fun prizes as well before the voting ends. :)

Yet again, awesome to have you here and have a great jam everyone!

We just added some nice fixes for the game, would be great if you have the time to try it again! Currently looking for more "pixelated" font and aiming to make the death travel system more faster.

Oh hey, thank you VERY MUCH for the comments! <3 I will absolutely take a look into your suggestions right away. :)

Hey everyone!

Total of five games have been submitted for the first game jam, that's awesome! Now it's time to give your vote. Go ahead and navigate to the jam site here:

Play the games and give your votes!

Remember to join our stream tomorrow as well! (Tuesday, 8PM UTC+2)

Join our game jam stream next Tuesday 8PM UTC+2

Looking cool! Remember to join our game jam stream next Tuesday 8PM UTC+2

Looking cool! Remember to join our game jam stream next Tuesday 8PM UTC+2

Looking cool! Remember to join our game jam stream next Tuesday 8PM UTC+2

Greetings all!

The submission are now over, and the time is up! We will go through the games on next 

Tuesday stream 8:00 PM (UTC +2) Follow the stream to stay up to date when we go live!


Less than one hour left to submit your game! Be sure to do it before the submission closes.

The jam is about to be ended soon! Less than ten hours left to submit your game!

HEADS UP EVERYONE! Remember to submit your game before the time runs out!

If you haven't started yet, you can go and start creating your game right now! You have more than enough time to make a game in couple of hours and submit it for the jam. Don't aim for perfection, aim to complete something!

The games will be played next Tuesday UTC +2 on Jestercraft Stream, follow the channel to get notified when we go live:

WASD to move Blue player, Arrow keys to move red player. Make as much scores as you can before the time runs out!

It's happening! One hour left until the start of Jestercraft first game jam!

Hop into our Discord and let's prepare for the jam together. The jam will be streamed as well!



Hey everyone!

Next livestream is: November 20th Time: 20:00 - 22:00 (UTC +2)

We will be making a game from scratch with Construct 3, follow our channel and hop in tomorrow!

Also if you use Discord, hop into our channel here:

Greetings everyone!

Decided to start writing a devlog from the ground up from my experiences in making a game on For past couple of years I've been learning to use Construct 3 to understand programming logic and how a game should be structured (in code). So far so good, the learning process has come into a situation, that I could actually start creating something "real". 

I've been in the game industry for almost ten years now working as an artist, designer, project manager and producer but never had a chance to do programming. Of course I've been releasing games for mobile and PC and seen the "both sides" of the industry. Now, when thinking what kind of a game should I personally make, I'm struggling to make the right decision. ... Why?

Game industry today is focusing more and more to mobile game development, since that's where the money is. Of course mobile is much more casual friendly, which in most cases means that the players are not seeking for "deep experiences" from the gameplay, it's more of an "something I can do while waiting a bus". PC gamers, of course are the opposite, who seek deep experiences from their games and something, in which they can put hundreds or maybe thousands of hours game time. 

I personally fit into the latter "focus group" and I'm always trying to seek that "one game" which I could dedicate my time to. I don't even know anyone, who plays casual mobile games, I personally don't play them and I have no idea what kind of person does so. So how could I be able to create entertaining casual mobile games, if I don't know anything about them and don't understand their player?

I've been trying different kind of casual game mechanics, but end up being uninspired from them and keep on thinking of different PC games I could be creating. So the question is, should I just go with PC games and do what I'm personally interested, or try to follow "the money" to mobile?

What are your thoughts on this? When answering, stop for a moment and think that if you're supposed to make the living out of making games, what would be the best option and why? It's always easy to say "follow your dreams" and so forth, but in the end, it's not that simple. Or is it?

And hey, remember to join my gamejam next weekend! It's 24th of this month and will last for 24 hours! Hope to see you jamming, have a great week!

Greetings game jammers!

We're going to start our first community stream tomorrow! (Tuesday 13th UTC+2) Follow our channel here:

After some game development and other fancy stuff, we're going to have a rookie SMITE 1v1 match. Hop in tomorrow!

Remember to hop into our Discord channel as well, if you have not already:

The first Jestercraft Game Jam will be streamed as well. Looking forward in seeing you in our stream and especially on our up coming game jam!