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Thank you so much!

Not at the moment. I’ve been trying to figure out what I could do for a demo that wouldn’t give away large portions of the story.

Thank you!

Thanks a lot! I’ll have to think on a horror game. Could be fun!

Thank you very much!

Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

I love the art style in the GIF above!

Thank you!

Very informative reply. Thank you!

To be clear, does "making files available" mean simply uploading files to a game? So if I want a page that's solely for a devlog (and not accidentally launching my game prematurely into, I would create a game page and not upload any files at all?

Thank you! It was a fun challenge.

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Pablo is a penguin. A penguin who likes cars. And stealing. Stealing cars. He uses these stolen cars to transport certain types of goods wanted by certain types of people to certain places that the police, ahem, cops, may or may not necessarily approve of.

You wanna work for Pablo? You gotta prove yourself. Strap in, hit that gas pedal, and get delivering!

Crates is an Arduboy game that lets you live our greatest car crime fantasies on the go! It even has a full game manual complete with an original short story! You can play the game in your browser, but the best experience is playing on a physical Arduboy console. 

Enjoy and please leave feedback!

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It seems like the initial release of a game is pretty important for views and front page consideration. Is there any way to post devlogs during the development of a game without releasing the game?

Perhaps I'm misunderstanding game pages. If I mark a game's page with a release status of "in development" does that put it in a different SEO category than games with a release status of "released"? Is the answer to my question just to publicize my game page as "in development" and then add devlogs and that won't impact the initial visibility once I mark the game as "released"?

No problem! Great game! I had a lot of fun.

I'm just super jazzed. I beat the last level even though I thought it was impossible! 


I used PICO-8! It's a great piece of software.

Thank you, Malisa! I really appreciate your comments!

I agree that the streak system is slightly cryptic. As you mentioned, if you plant and harvest all your seeds in a day, your streak goes up. There are a couple sneaky ways the streak can die. If you accidentally plant two seeds on top of each other, you lose a seed and your streak ends. Also, if the marauder steals one of your bundles of wheat before you collect it, your streak ends.

Hope that makes sense. Thanks for playing!

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Darkest Moon is an arcade-style game where the goal is to get the highest score possible before inevitably succumbing to the relentless progression of the game. The player controls a nameless farmer in the Dark Ages whose only goal in life is to plant and harvest wheat in order to survive and make it to the next day. An average play session lasts between five and fifteen minutes before the marauder becomes too fast and overtakes the player.

Since this is one of the first games I've finished and publicly shared, I would love some feedback on the game, graphic, and page designs! Be brutally honest. I want to learn from this so my upcoming games are that much better.