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Thanks for the feedback.

  • Controllers are the main support. I'll make that clear on the main page.
  • I'll have to look into that.
  • Bees not appearing is by design (it is a place holder for something else actually), but if it is too frequent I can adjust the numbers. It is suppose to be rare.
  • Ok, I will be sure to fix that.

I know why my experience with the windows version was so different. I didn’t download the latest version of it. I download the game a few days after you gave me the link. I missed the update log. Sorry for the confusion . Ignore the windows only section from my first post. I’ll update it later once I download and test that latest build.

I have gone back to Game Maker Studio. Thanks for telling me. I forgot about updating the first post.

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Hey Hob,

Tested out your game multiple times to give good feedback on my experience. My feedback and my experience with your game is from the windows version and the web version. They play quite differently.

The game is very easy to understand. I didn't have any issue beating the game the first time (window version). You did very well to give players clear instructions on what to do. And I think it is good that you have a beginning and a clear end. 

I do have comments, questions and concerns. I have separated them by both, windows only, and web only.

Both versions

  • Avoiding enemies is made pointless since stamina is regenerated slowly over time. If a player doesn't mind waiting, the game is left with very little challenge. 
  • The hitbox of the player is too large. Most of the damage I received was from enemies that I never touched visually. If you trim down the sides of the hitbox to fit more with the main body of the character rather than the entire sprite, it would help to avoid this issue.
  • The player feels like they are sliding on ice making for more unavoidable damage from enemies/hazards.
  • Having the player use a close range "attack" to defeat bosses is counter intuitive to established rules of avoiding enemies. It would be better if the attack was mid range to allow the player to more easily avoid taking damage.
  • The jump sound is signaled by the button press rather than the player actually jumping.
  • Some of the sign's graphics are infront of enemy objects. Their depth needs to be adjusted.
  • Why does the heart "attack" not work on normal enemies?
  • It would be great if tomes had more purpose. A reward of a new ability or power would making collecting them actually worthwhile.
  • I think the level design of the windows version is better than the web version. Also the speed of the player is faster and enemies/hazards are easier to avoid due to their placement.

Windows Only

  • You can't die. I let the stamina run down and noticed I would never get a game over.
  • Rocks can still damage players even after they are on the ground. Also the last rock trap in this version caused the character to slide left through the wall, take damage from another fallen rock and end up in the shallow pit between the first rock trap and the second.
  • You can get stuck in the walls and stand on top of the doors.
  • The spider has a weak spot. By standing inside the spider out of the way of its attack and spamming the heart attack you can avoid taking touch damage from the spider.
  • I wanted to check and see if I could complete the game without all the tomes. And you can't, which is good. However if you miss any before defeating the wasp the door remains locked even after you retrieve them and you are unable to complete the game.
  • What is with the "?" in the background of the first water room?

Web Only

  • The placement of some enemies/hazards are almost unavoidable due to the speed of the enemy/hazard (rock traps are much faster in this version), the speed of the player, lack of traction of the player, placement of walls/ceilings, and lack of controllable jump height.
  • The player moves too slow making it hard to avoid enemies and land on platforms.
  • The heart "attack" harms the player. This isn't a big issue more so than a annoyance. Even though stamina regenerates over time, getting attacked along with attacking in this case can quickly lead to a game-over without the player fully realizing what happened. On top of that it is punishing the player for using what was given to them to deal with the boss. Avoiding the attacks from bosses is almost impossible, which leaves only one strategy to defeat them. Attack once, loose stamina, get attacked, loose more stamina, wait a few seconds to regenerate stamina, and repeat. And for me that isn't very fun.
  • After I got my first game over the stamina bar disappeared when I started over. I had to refresh the page for it to fully reappear.

Overall, this is a good start. It just needs more work to become great. Hope this helps to improve you game and keep making progress.

Yes, that is a problem. Sadly the only way around it is to restart.


I haven't updated in so long, but I've been working.

First off, I went back to GameMaker. I prefer it over Unity. Also....

- added 360 degree free aim (can't move while in free aim)

- Increased the firing rate

- Changed/Updated the graphics.

That's all for now.

Yes, I'd like to see it ^^

To select options use SPACEBAR to move the cursor use the ARROW keys (UP/DOWN). This game does not use mouse inputs.

No problem ^^ Sorry for the late reply.

Noted. Thanks for the feedback.

Thanks ^^

Thanks,  I am glad you enjoyed the demo. Hopefully, I can start rolling out updates on my progress again. ^^

There is but there is an error with this build making it impossible to get past it. However everything past Area 6 is unfinished. I hope to finish it someday.

Like the music in the Ro_bit demo? Well the very talented man behind the Ro_bit sound track is offering music commissions. If you enjoyed the music in the Ro_bit demo and need a hand in any project you are working on, then I'd suggest stopping by and checking him out

Here are some of the tracks he has done for me so far...

That is all for now.

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Nice play through. Hopefully new build will be a lot less buggy and informative on what you are suppose to do.Thanks for the feedback.

Thank you. Glad you enjoyed it, even in its current state

* Image is a mock up, not a screenshot from in game

I made a new background for high areas in the game (It was a plain blue sky before). I took inspiration from Mega Man X (the city/intro level background). This is only half done. I want to add some closer high rises and some closer transparent clouds.

I have also been redoing the ground tiles and simplifying Area 1's overall design.

* Image is a mock up, not a screenshot from in game

That's all for now.

Ooo that sounds like a neat idea

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Thanks ^^

Hello again, Jes here with a new update...

New Ro_bit sprite!

New Ro_bit spriteNew Ro_bit walk/run

The sprite is bigger, taller and more true to his artwork. I tried to change his sprite a few times before. However it just didn't cut it.

New ro_bit sprite progression

It is funny looking back at his first sprite...I honestly don't even remember making it.

I enjoy looking back to see the progress I've made.

old Ro_bit Screenshot

* Screenshot from a past build in 2014

That's all for now.

Sorry, but I can't help you there. All I know is that this game runs fine on windows PC. I didn't even know there was an itch app.


Thank you for the feedback and the kind words. I am glad you like how the Unity build looks. Hopefully I'll have a Unity demo to post soon.

I fully understand what you mean about the overheat system. I've already made changes to the system and hopefully it will be much more enjoyable.

Thanks again for your comment.

Thank you for the video feedback. I think the Unity build will address most of the concerns you mentioned in the video. Thank again for you feedback I really appreciate it.

I am glad you enjoyed it. And thank you so much for you encouragement. I liked your question about updating on progress. I didn't realize this site had a forum until today so I set up a Devlog that I will try to update when I have progress. I do not have a kick-starter for Ro_bit, but that is something I have considered.

Thanks again for you feedback.

Yeah, that is a issue with debris that is suppose to spawn. I changed the debris system to make it easier on myself, but I guess I forgot to change it in all the objects that used the script. There isn't much to do after the gate though. Just unfinished rooms.

Yes, I would like feedback since that is what I am basing the Unity Build off of. The only thing that would be useless is reporting any bugs or glitches.

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Ro_bit Logo

L'iL Bit of History

Hello, my name is Jessica I go by Jes or JESGRAD07 and I am the creator of Ro_bit. I started this project as practice in late 2013. I was working with Game Maker Studios at the time and I wanted to expand my knowledge of the program. I had applied to Nintendo's Indie developer program some time before, so I was not very serious about the game at first. In January of 2014 a Nintendo rep called me about my application into the program. Long story short, I am a Nintendo Indie Developer. It was at this time that I started to really focus on Ro_bit as my first game on the Nintendo Wii U. Now, I have switched Ro_bit's production from Game Maker Studios to Unity. And I have been moving forward one step at a time.

Game Maker Studio's DEMO:

First off, the Unity build of Ro_bit is coming along very well. I have programmed in most of the players movement (running, jumping, shooting). I have also added some things.

- Lighting System (flicking background lights and soft glow on blasts)

- Dashing Mechanic

- More visible Foreground from background

- Simplified Controls

- Freeze system (while reading or engaged in conversation)

- Colored text

- Redesigned pause menu layout

- Multi-Directional moving platforms (with adjustable speed and wait times)

- Timed Rotating platforms

- New Particle Effects (smoke, sparks, debris)

Ro_bit Screenshots Set 1

* Here are some screenshots of how the new Unity Build is looking so far.

I have been out of town for the past 3 weeks, which made working on Ro_bit a little difficult. However, I was able to borrow a laptop and take all more work with me on my external hard drive. During that time I set up just some basic things like moving platforms as well as get objects to move on said platforms. I don't know why, but I just always thought that the physics engine in Unity would automatically make objects move if they were sitting on a moving platform. Not sure why I thought that since I have had to program everything else.

Right now I have been working to program in a enemy called the Faux Block.


This enemy acts like a block until approached, it then opens and will start to walk or charge towards the player. If the player jumps on top of it then it will proceed to walk in the direction the player is facing. I image this will make for some interesting uses such as traversing over an electric floors or possibly being used to block hazardous energy beams. The armor around Faux Block keeps it safe from damage from a normal blast. This will only push it back slightly. Missiles will be needed to break away its armor and make it vulnerable to normal blast attacks. Faux Block has 2 variants so far. The one above and another than has a timed spike that will poke through the top of its head at fixed intervals. I am also thinking of a giant boss Faux Block that you will have to enter and fix from the inside as well.

So far it opens when player is near and closes when the player is not. It will also walk towards the player. And when the player is on top, it will walk in the direction the player is facing. I need to get the knock back working. Right now it teleports backward or disappears entirely. I also need to design the different stages of damage the armor will go through, before it is vulnerable to normal blasts.

Hopefully I will be able to post a demo of the Unity build when I have more done. For now I will update as much as I can on my progress.

UPDATE 1/8/18:

Moving back to GameMaker Studios. Also probably not going to be the Wii U. Currently just targeting to finish the game.

Thank you gentlemen, I really appreciate it.

Oh yes, sorry about that. It was more of a test room for the conveyor belts to see if they worked. I hope it didn't inconvience you too much.

Thank you.

Thank you very much. You were doing pretty good. There are actually 2 mini bosses in this version, however neither is properly implemented so they wouldn't give you too much trouble. I posted this quickly because it is an old build and I'd like good feedback since I am moving the game to Unity. I also wanted to build up some awareness since I have plans to put this game on consoles. I am working on those controls to make them more efficient and intuitive to the player. Along with better instructions for players so they are not completely blind at the start. Thank you again for playing and I am glad you enjoyed it.

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Thanks. Yes I see, you were doing pretty good. The final will have a little more direction with mission markers on the map. The map can be accessed via the pause menu in this build. If you go back to that large room (storage room) where you saw the mechs in the background then you will be able to progress a little further. Also controls can be edited at the title screen. Thanks for trying it out and the feedback.

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Thank you for the input. I fully understand and agree. I programmed it that way because you can aim up at an angle and I didn't want to be annoyed constantly going into doors or reading signs when I am trying to just shoot a enemy. I am reprogramming this game in Unity so I will figure out a better solution.

Thanks again for your input.