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Love that game (on "easy" at least). Wish there was some source or more settings. Font is too tiny for me at places.
Would be nice to skip intro (browser closed, cache cleared).

And would also be nice to be able to translate myself. I'm not so selfish to just ask "I want language XX_xx" - but any possibility here would be very welcome.

Nice little game :)

I can't jump and turn the light on/off at the same time :( How to solve levels without that possibility?

Anyone can guide me to a browser that will function with this? FF and Edge won't work for me - on Windoze at least, didn't try on Linux for now.

Playdate. Once upon a time was named Game Boy.

Now it depends on what seems to be an Esp32 or similar. Sold for less than 10€. Development and everything considered, why would anyone spend more than 50€ for it? I didn’t know anyone needs a device like this. Otherwise I would have invented something with an epaper display. And with a solar cell on it. Play as long as you want in the summer time. Oh, and with background light for playing at night time without disturbing anyone.

Oh, most of this is included in any ebook reader - that cost much less and has a bigger display.

What exactly is that Playdate thing for??

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Played it on iOS and Android.

It seems the devs have abandoned this project :(

If I have to read more of this screaming font... Yes, it is readable, but "1" and "7" can't be differenced that easily.

The story is nice, but the game seems to randomly crash on both mobile platforms. After a battle, after being in the menus, after swapping locations. At every autosave point, it seems. Luckily, there are plenty of those save points, so you don't have to replay more than a few minutes.

After 5 hours of game play, not every hero is fully equipped. So I would say, we need more possibilities to get equipment. The same goes for some of those stones you can set on the customization page.

And yes, the menus are cruel. I don't know if this is the case for every game made with RPG Maker.

If the developer gets back to work, I would be willing to get the Steam version. I'm pretty sure the game will also run on Linux (MacOS is a Linux, after all), so I will be able to swap files for font, language and menus. And then, it would be about the best offline RPG game for any platform.

On iOS I‘m stuck. I can’t get to Emia headquarters because that air ship won’t let me out on top of that flying island. Maybe that should be a bit bigger :(

Hi there,

as I could see, there wasn’t any new release for 3 years now. Is it really possible to get all libraries and dependencies on Debian and/or Linux Mint? If I had the money (20 bucks is a fortune for me), I wouldn’t see it wasted because an outdated game wouldn’t run on my always updated Linux.

So is there any way to join beta? Although I don’t know how “new” the newest beta is because a very important thing is missing in the changelog: the date...



I‘m probably a bit late, but did you notice you wanted to run an application of the size of “0 KB”?

Most certainly Windoze didn’t manage to unpack everything or deleted the app because great Defender thought it is evil.