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Played it on iOS and Android.

It seems the devs have abandoned this project :(

If I have to read more of this screaming font... Yes, it is readable, but "1" and "7" can't be differenced that easily.

The story is nice, but the game seems to randomly crash on both mobile platforms. After a battle, after being in the menus, after swapping locations. At every autosave point, it seems. Luckily, there are plenty of those save points, so you don't have to replay more than a few minutes.

After 5 hours of game play, not every hero is fully equipped. So I would say, we need more possibilities to get equipment. The same goes for some of those stones you can set on the customization page.

And yes, the menus are cruel. I don't know if this is the case for every game made with RPG Maker.

If the developer gets back to work, I would be willing to get the Steam version. I'm pretty sure the game will also run on Linux (MacOS is a Linux, after all), so I will be able to swap files for font, language and menus. And then, it would be about the best offline RPG game for any platform.

On iOS I‘m stuck. I can’t get to Emia headquarters because that air ship won’t let me out on top of that flying island. Maybe that should be a bit bigger :(