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By watching the Fire Leaf Water video I got that water puts out fire, fire burns leaves, and leaves suck up water. Makes sense to me!

Did you say potato? 

To gain an audience use a social media account every day, like Insta or Twitter. Post a small bit about your journey as a game developer every day. Be funny. It can only grow, but you must post at least once a day. More is even better. Make it personal. Be sure to post selfies or short videos of you talking, and when they like you, they will like your art. It's all about how many hands you shake, even if it's virtual. Another avenue is to provide useful content. Offer information, tips, or behind the scenes info. Depending on your personality, come up with something that is sustainable that you can easily do every day, even if it's just a tweet or two.  I need to do more of this myself. I get lost in making the games, and need to promote promote promote. Jay from