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Looking forward to the Linux version :)

reload button ? tried every key.

(running this on Linux, sorry if im late to the party.)

Whats the best way to run this fullscreen on Linux ? i dont have an option menu and escape quits.

btw music is great :D

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What engine was used to make this game ? BTW i really like this.

Nice :)

Just letting you know, it works on Linux :)

Could you make a Linux port please. Thanks.

well there is leadwerks..

Thankyou CowThing!

Many thanks :)

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wow thats generous thanks. I haven't even started on GDscript yet! but sometimes taking apart things is the best way to learn. Is there a way to load the whole project at once into GODOT?

thanks for your time.

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made with GODOT ! great. I have it running in WINE. But it would be nice for a native Linux version.

do you have a tutorial for this or could you share your program, i would like to start on GODOT (one of the few people i guess ) and need some starting inspiration.


ahh cool. Sorry im new to all this stuff :/

Shame its not available on linux

as far as i know

I have blender, sorry im a nub with this stuff how do you install it on Linux?

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There are quite a few now?

I think your document link it out of date btw

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Im getting into making something soon. I want LUA and Love2D ( i think) . Could you perhaps message me or answer a quick Q's ?

1. how did you make a game with no engine/gui editor ?

2. what did image program did you use to make your ace graphics!

what game engine is this made with if you don't mind me asking :)

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Great! really fun puzzles.

made with Love2D :)