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Yeah I do wish I made things a bit easier but I’m glad that you enjoyed it regardless!

Yeah I didn’t think much of it since I tried to make it so that you can just get back into it once you respawn, but I’ll be sure to make improvements on future games. Thank you!

Thanks! I’ll definitely look into this!

Really well done! I dont know if I was playing the game wrong or not, but the progression between the different "stages" of the game was really cool! First it only showed the game from the outside perspective, then upon replay you actually get to see inside the houses. I enjoyed tryna see what comes next

Hell yeah thanks!

Yooo I never noticed that with mario world the spring locks the player in place, imma have to look into that. I did feel it weird being able to walk off the spring but just didnt pay much attention to it. Thanks for that!

I’m glad you enjoyed the game!

well the palette swapping was really only used on duckbert, but almost all sprites are grayscale and use a palette shader I made

hell yeah thats sick

This was pretty neat! I love what you did with the lighting! Was it done with animated normal maps or something? Whatever it is it looked great!

Hell yeah thanks! I wish I could have done more but taking two days off the jam really had me crunching at the end lmao

Once you get the hang of how this all works then its actually pretty fun, tho since so many enemies spawn and they move so slow I end up just looking for red dead bubble and not actually shooting at them at all. Overall pretty enjoyable!

Hell yeah this was a lot of fun! Love the look of it too and the overall atmosphere

Ok that was pretty funny

The presentation is really good! I love the pixelation / dither effect you use for screen transitions. The game's difficulty was solid. There was the occasional bug like one time I un-virtualized those disappearing platforms to get onto it but for some reason the character wasnt detecting ground or one time when I died and the game respawned me but the camera didnt move with me.

Those few bugs aside the mechanics were well executed! It was a pretty good game

Neat game! I'm also a jrpg fan, tho I've mostly played persona. It IS hard to know what the aberration die actually do though, and combat seems to fly by so quick. I got to the 10th realm but only cuz I managed to not encounter any enemies from realms 2-8 so I was under staffed by the time 3 enemies showed up to kick my ass lol.

I get the time limit wasn't long but it would have been nice to have some text explaining whats happening you know?

I really liked this! I like the use of the bouncing balls to get past the shields. It was a neat little journey and got me remembering some things.

😭Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

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I couldn't finish the game myself since the controls feel too floaty to make the precise jumps, especially with those spiked balls. It feels like when you let go of the jump button, you're still ascending even if I'm just trying to land.

The collision on the hazards also doesn't have to be 100% precise. At that point it feels like I just barely graze a spike and it kills me. it'd be nice if the collision for those were a little smaller to give the player a bit more leeway.

I like the take on the time limit being indicated by how slow things move, but after a certain point everything moves so slow you just cant do anything but sit and wait until the time scale reaches 0. Maybe at that point on you could increase how fast the time slows down so you don't have to wait for so long?

Overall its solid but could use some gameplay adjustments.

I really liked the atmosphere but the controls felt very sensitive to me. It was hard to aim at all. Idk if its just the web affecting the movement. You nailed the atmosphere tho! Really felt like I was alone in space

Yeah I may have had a bit if help with these level designs thanks to the demonic arts 🤫

Thanks though!

cant wait for intergalactic hanukkah


Found it funny you can clip into the ground by going too fast. Would have been nice if I was told I could interact with switches

I feel that brother. Tho to be honest the hardest part for me was staying on track and not procrastinating lma

Wooow the quality on the spritework and level design on this game is awesome! Really had fun playing it!

I loved the 4.1 version's puzzles a lot (except maybe Elevator Action but I was just taking too long to figure it out). They all were challenging but eventually you can figure it out. So cool

Yeah magnets work on the basis that opposite polarities attract

Really cool game! 3-2 was my favorite level.

Out of the three games I've put on here? Absolutely

Hey no worries. What matters is that you're having fun making the game. Despite its flaws I genuinely enjoy it.

Also there's a bug that prevents you from clicking on cards to buy or to sell when you sell a card. Might wanna get that checked out.

Oh right, I picked magic cuz there's a typo that says "Realm od Magic" instead of "Realm of magic"

Yo so the game is actually kinda fun despite its awful presentation and sfx. Like damn THANK YOU for letting me turn off the sound.

So here I am standing victorious after a brutal fight against the Giant Octopus (Im playing magic btw) and then the mama turtle shows up and I'm like, yeah sure, I can take em.

GOD DAMN I was wrong.

These baby turtles are SO oppresive. NO valor so you get nothing for beating them, 2/2, AND the opponent gets like an infinite amount of them. NOT TO MENTION they also got an octopus.

I. Got. WRECKED by baby turtles.

Still pretty fun tho. Keep at it.

yeah I just saw the janky walljump and thought, "yeah, I can speedrun this

speedrun babyyyy

dw about the rest. I was gonna see if I could lower the time

you need to have shoriuken that would be cool

honestly its pretty nice. some pc control fixes like key placement and overall framework improvements and this could be really solid. god jo

yo I think you forgot the shooting

yeah what up

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