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Hey no worries. What matters is that you're having fun making the game. Despite its flaws I genuinely enjoy it.

Also there's a bug that prevents you from clicking on cards to buy or to sell when you sell a card. Might wanna get that checked out.

Oh right, I picked magic cuz there's a typo that says "Realm od Magic" instead of "Realm of magic"

Yo so the game is actually kinda fun despite its awful presentation and sfx. Like damn THANK YOU for letting me turn off the sound.

So here I am standing victorious after a brutal fight against the Giant Octopus (Im playing magic btw) and then the mama turtle shows up and I'm like, yeah sure, I can take em.

GOD DAMN I was wrong.

These baby turtles are SO oppresive. NO valor so you get nothing for beating them, 2/2, AND the opponent gets like an infinite amount of them. NOT TO MENTION they also got an octopus.

I. Got. WRECKED by baby turtles.

Still pretty fun tho. Keep at it.

yeah I just saw the janky walljump and thought, "yeah, I can speedrun this

speedrun babyyyy

dw about the rest. I was gonna see if I could lower the time

you need to have shoriuken that would be cool

honestly its pretty nice. some pc control fixes like key placement and overall framework improvements and this could be really solid. god jo

yo I think you forgot the shooting

yeah what up

Thank you for the feedback. We assure you we are working hard to give you the greatest experience possible. Have a good day!

Yo this is niiiceee. Feels polished and it's pretty fun. I only have 2 complaints though, the minor one being that I wish you could just press [R]  instead of having to hold it down. My second complaint is that the levels feel the same. Like there's nothing really to mix up the gameplay or anything. I DO understand this was for a game jam though so obviously you couldn't spend days designing intricate levels that all feel different from eachother.

Overall, pretty fun.

so I somehow managed to get exactly 100 deaths.

Yo I made this

Also, I still don't get how that means you can mess up jumping. I get it doesn't really matter considering the gameplay, but it feels weird is all.

Riiiight I forgot about that. At the very least you got something made though. But what does it mean the swords depend on the player's velocity? I just touch spike and get sword. I just move and kill the enemies.

I don't understand this. First of all, you gotta fix jumping. Sometimes it's a small jump, other times it's normal. Also you fall slowly how do you mess up gravity that is LITERALLY built into Unity. Second of all, why? All I'm doing is just holding right. The different swords don't seem to do anything different. Hope you can improve though.

This game gives me motion sickness. It's hard to tell where bullets are without having to watch where you're going. If they stood out more that would be good.

I really liked the game. Though it was buggy and not polished at all, it was novel and could definitely be expanded upon with enough work. I like it.

Really cool, but it seems that features from the controls menu are missing. Overall pretty fun to play.

You really can't tell the animals from the environment then.

Yo this game is buggy as frik. Just kidding, but did you even play your game? I don't know what happened, but the game just restarts after a bit of playing (a bit past the guy that says hello in the forest), and then proceeds to restart anytime I leave town.

Another thing I don't like is how the camera follows the mouse. Really gives one motion sickness or something. There is no instruction so I really don't know what to do, and You can't differentiate what you can shoot from what you can't.

Shooting arrows is pretty cool, but gets boring real quickly as, again, I don't know what to do.

Overall, what is this?

well I tried doing a speedrun
(1 edit)

Also the game froze once I entered level 2? There was a huge dinosaur almost completely offscreen but I couldn't move or shoot. And I know that the game was still receiving inputs since if I clicked the mobile buttons show up, and if I used the keyboard the buttons disappeared.

When Chrono Trigger music. Really basic. Like, just enough to call it a platformer. Maybe try challenging yourself and creating new game mechanics so that the game isn't JUST boring?

Literally within the first minute of playing, the game breaks. The ball clipped into the paddle, fell offscreen, and didn't respawn.

Idk, man. The way the game is set up, it doesn't seem like downward vertical levels would work, regardless of the changes you may make.

Sorry I got back to you so late, I was definitely overexaggerating when I said "bugs." What I meant was that Lava world is not fun to play is what I meant to say. Combine the fact that you can't see where you're falling as well as the super fast character speed, and you have a level that is just NOT FUN TO PLAY.

No variable jump height, super fast movement speed, and immediate reversal of velocity in the air when trying to move in the opposite direction all combine to make for an awful controlling game.

Despite that, I really love the amount of work put into the game. And some exploits allow for sick vertical movement. Tree world and water world are both really good, however moving down does not work with the way the game plays. Lava world is a total mess (not that the others don't have their issues but lava world is definitely the buggiest).

Overall, it's fun (except for lava world) and It would be cool if the game were expanded upon.

lava world sucks. I literally got stuck in a wall after a block pushed me

When long name

Oh yeah I can definitely see this being fun with more work. Keep at it.

No se le entiende nada. Solmente por pura suerte gane, y casi ni supe que es lo que debia hacer.

The controls are not fun. You move too fast forward and backward, and you turn too slowly. You also don't know that those dots are mines until you've walked on them.

Wow this is pretty fun. Sucks that the visuals bleed into each other, making it a bit hard to know what's going on. I really like the way the game plays, however. 

Now I realize why people use the mouse to pick the direction where you shoot. WOW is this not fun to control. If you're being chased by enemies, you have to literally move toward them to attack. Also interacting with stuff can freeze you. I guess you forgot to unfreeze the game somewhere.

I can't wrap my head around this.

I got 35.

Don't like how the paddle gets smaller. Would be more interesting if regaining size wasn't just, "hit box."

Bro I literally left the game running for over half an hour and I check back and immediately died at 316