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Jeff Ledwin

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Got it! Thanks a lot.

I didn't know this before, but clicking "start" and double-clicking the name do not have the same function as I thought (hey, I'm new to this).

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Thanks, but it still doesn't work. It almost immediately connection refused.

I usually consider myself a developer (despite that I'm not in high school yet), even though I don't know much about any other coding languages beside simple Visual Basic (VB) and HyperText Markup Language (HTML). When I go onto YouTube or any other website to find documentation or tutorials, I see a big gap between beginners and experts. The tutorials either assume you know advanced coding or none at all, which annoys me. I also don't have the money for a tutor or website membership. I have noticed that Superpowers has been released for free now, and I am "intrigued" by this program. It does look great in terms of GUI, and it looks really simple in that screenshot. I just downloaded Superpowers for Windows from right here on itch.io, but I'm stuck at the setup process. I went to the Setting up Superpowers documentation, and it said to "make sure to also edit the address of the "My Server" entry in the servers list to use the correct port (Syntax is ip:port)". When I put in my IP, it stopped working. It kept sending that connection timed out error. Is there any way to fix this?