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Check out my new Development Update!

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Ohhh, okay.. I don't use phyisics at all...
I programed everything myself in movement of the train.

PS: Did you make the models yourself?

They look really good..

Hey. Thanks for your feedback.

I don't use splines. For rails it is not recommended. Trust me, I already tried it..
I programed my own circle functions..
Feel free to check my, and my pdf 'how a circle is calculated'

I would love to see some screenshots of your work...

Nice Game!
Would love to see a linux version

Great Game, I like it!

The next version 0.7 isn't far away! ;)

Make sure to check out the new post!

Thank you for your detailed informations!

Very great game!
But I don't know which effort it takes, if you found a new hive. Are these hives in any form connected? :)


Now it runs perfectly on Linux!

Looks nice :)
But in the download I can't find a linux executable.

This game looks intresting!
But where is the Linux Version? I can only find a .exe file.
Also some screenshots and a gameplay video would be nice too ;)

Great Game!

I love the art of the houses, and the intuitive mechanics.

I would love to to see multiplayer and save game option in the future.

Keep going on your great work!

Very nice project, i will try it out!

Hey Lorenzo, nice game at first.
But whats the aim of the game?
How do I use my firethrower?
A small instruction would be good.

Also the shadows arent in the direction with the sun ;)

Ist doch mit godot gemacht worden, oder? 
Ich würde mich über eine Linux Version freuen!

Great to hear!

Thanks for your advice, I updated the description ;)

Thank you! Great!
Yeah, the audio channel is a bit broken, I will fix this. Thanks for your feedback ;)

Thank you for your tip!

Nice Puzzles!

Nice Game! (On some points I think the game was a bit to easy ;) )

Very nice game!

It was hard to play, but its the time worth.

Thank you for making this awesome game, i will play some other games of you too, if you made some others ;)

Nice Game, but for me its a bit to hard :)

Thanks! :)
My highscore is about 200 :)
I whish, i could play your game, but i use linux..

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How to get thorugh this level? 

Nice Game!

But in WebGL the removed objects are still here. they arent visible, but the hitboxes of them are still active :( Do other have the same problem?

Nice Idea! The Global highscore list is great

Nice Game :) But i didnt see any healthbar or something else ;)

A Tutorial would be very nice, but the glitches and levels where really cool!

Nice Game! But I found a bug: If you load your momentum over 10, and jump under some obstacle, you will get bugged through. And at some points I couldn't play further on. I like the music very much :)

Nice Idea!
But I got stuck in one of the first levels.. 

Nice to hear ;)

Of course!
- If you plant a potato, you get score -1

- If you crop a fully grown potato, you get score 3

- When you crop a potato, wich isn't fully grown you get score 1 

Nice Level Design! But I got stuck at level 2, and didn't find any retry button or something else.

It's okay ;) But a tutorial and some more levels would be great.

Nice game :) I got stuck at Level 6 for a long time. And I only found one golden leave. Great Design!

Quite a bit hard, but nice game ;)

Nice Idea! For me the Game is quite a bit hard, but it makes fun

I didnt find any Linux Version in the Download File :(