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WOWOW <3 Saw on facebook, godot wow <

nice game, weird . . Snek-itt <3 :O :O . .

Is horror only for this jam, or is it always horror . . . :) . .

I haven't made a game, yet, stuff is on my youtube channel, ' Jasper Brooks ' . . ? <3

Okay, so if I make someone cry or, run away it's okay, so long as it's not creepy-offensive-weird . . :) ? 

Like, scare people white and, silly is alright <3 <3 :(((

I was like wondering, is there a limit to how scary games you like here, I mean are we talking ' some-what scary ' or, like hard-core scary . . :)) Do you have reservations, in the scares <3

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The result would be the same, and if the theme here is more like not-very scary games, I'd make a medium-scary game, to fit in with both places, something a teen-scary movie, ' I know what you did last summer ' or, ' Until Dawn ' ( teen scary game ), not VERY scary stuff, I hope that could be okay . . . . :D <3 Just wanna have as much fun as possible, combining my FAVORITE game engine, with my favorite genre, then I could talk gross, very scary stuff with the others, it's something I always wanted to talk about, not sure it belongs here . . . :(( <3 <3

:D <3 

I'll do what I'm told, no worries . . .

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This is my first game jam ever, and I don't really understand what's going on . . I have learned a BUNCH of Godot recently, from some kinds souls, and there is another game jam, where they make scary games . . I would really like to talk to some SCARY game experts, as it is my favorite, and sort of join another jam, but the idea was to make a game that FOLLOWED CLEARLY the theme of this jam, and that also was scary, however it says IF one should do that, one needs to get permission from the jam makers, and I am not sure where to ask . .

It's not about being bad, or breaking the rules, don't want to, but really want to make a scary game, but also make a game in Godot, and I can learn that better here, so I'd like to join both jams, but a very nice person told me, that is breaking the rules, so I am asking for help, not sure what to do . . . I'd just like to make ONE game, that sort of had both themes, also the scary game jam sort of is only once a year, and it would make me sad to miss it, for an entire year . . The idea is, that I can learn Godot, and talk it a bit here, with the makers on this site, and then talk scary games, horror, with the ones on the other site, and get an even better experience, but I'm not sure, it said somewhere one had to ASK for permission, there's no ill will behind it, just a wish to join my affection for good horror games, with making games in Godot, my favorite engine, so fun . . .

Can you help, it wouldn't be about breaking any rules, just having more fun, a good time . .

Also, not sure if it is even smart to ask this question, not sure, have never held a jam myself, this is also my first, I want the best possible experience, without causing trouble . . .

ps. The scary game session is called ' SCREAM Machine ', it's once per year, then I could combine my love of Godot, and the theme of this jam, with making a scary game, and talking scary stuff, with people that enjoy that, as well, please help . .

:(( <3

I'm not fully sure, if I could get a permission, from the jam holders . . .

" This is an exclusive jam which means that entries made to both this jam and others will be removed unless otherwise allowed by the organizers (Stern Flowers). "

<3 <3 :D I just like scary games, but also Godot, and really want both . . . It would obey the themes of both, 100 %, please help, I promise . . .

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Anyway, ask me if you need anything, I can do most things . . . .

EDIT : TRYING to learn it, I don't think others will see this, it's a problem with OCD, when it's hard to have more than ONE, or two ideas in head at same time, sort of . . Wish we knew the theme, will watch some old action movies, to get some general ideas, for fun stuff, random ideas . .

So, if there's a movie you want me to see or, so or, also if you have some things you need scanned, with 3D scanner, like a rock, or something from a hardware store or, something cheap, you can find on ( no more than 20 - 40 pounds ) that you would like scanned, if I can use it, or it's fun, I will order it, have a little too much money this month, anyway something we might both be able to use, like a model car, or a train, or so . . . I'll upload the full 80 megabyte scan, anyway . .

If you want me to scan some rocks, or stuff in the natural world, let me know, I'll see what I can find . .

What game did you have in mind, once we know the theme I was thinking of getting some stuff, to scan, something really detailed, anyway let me know what you need, I might need it to, or could change my game a LITTLE bit, to fit it in <3 Just remember, no addresses, no information, I BUY it, and send you a link, to the scan, I think that's the best way to do it, that's that . . .

Anyway, what game have you been thinking about making . ..  ?? <3

Let me know if you need any ideas, for a game, I'm not good at coding, or really engine stuff, but I am sort of good at making new characters, and stuff, if you want to make some super-heroes, I have some you can borrow, for your own stories, if you like . . .

The models are simple, and I will explain the characters, anyway, if you want to make something, or need some ideas, can I ask what did you have in mind, for the game, Your game <3 :D

Yes, switched it, will try to be nice, you know, I should say thank you for your patience, first, of all . . .

I was thinking of watching some old movies today, try and improve them, as a game idea, do you have any favorite old movies, I could see if I could OCD-autistically improve them, use this, in a game, anyway will watch good movies today, action, fantasy, thriller, and try to come up with some characters and, stories . . . Was thinking of watching Neverending story, like the idea of a character finding and, being sucked into a book, or maybe a DVD, or a music CD . . . :OO <3 <3

Yes, but if I edit it, you won't be able to see it, as a new message, I think . . .

Always want to edit, but I guess I get a bit nervous others can't see it . .

:(( <3

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I'm so blimin ' excited, can't wait, what's gonna happen, no one knows <3 :OOO

Epic ! ! :D <3 

I didn't know they'd get mad about it, it makes no sense . . . . .

<3 <3 :((

Well, I'll stay here then, have a bunch of fun and, smiles . . .

:D <3

I missed that, I was trying to find all the different rules, my brain was full, after trying to find out, what the them was and, what assets to download :) I got brain-freeze, sort of . . .

I think it could be really fun, but what do you think, no matter what I'm excited, there's 23 hours left, for one of them, the it's GODot Time ! ! :D

Hello, I was thinking of joining TWO jams, but ONLY make ONE game, for both, the other is a scary games jam, it should be fun, and maybe a chance to get into ' scary ' coding and, spooky games, I like ' Until Dawn ', teen horror stuff, always cool, not so serious . . .

The only difference is, I'll have two themes, one is horror, the other from Godot WILD, do you think that could be done, if it was ONLY one game, what do you think . .

I saw your channel, you are really pro, good luck, hope you find some people, that can make nice games with you, I am Pacman-level coder <3 :D

Have fun . . .

Thank you, I saw it on another page, confused them . . .

Just to be clear, there will be assets released, that must be used :OO <3

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Sorry, have OCD <3 :))

Games make peace and, honor . . :D <3<3

Omg, <3

Ok, I'm sad, miserable . .:

:)) <3<3

Do you have a youtube channel, or a place where I can see a video of what others have made :)) <3 <3

Okay, I can't wait . . This is awesome, I made a vampire . .

And, some demons <3 :D

Anyway, I was trying to make a psychological profile of serial-killers, in the story, about Dracula, Hellish minds and, souls . . .

Vampires are good horror material, they kill, with no remorse, no decency . . .

World needs more horror, everything else is just ' boring ' . . :D <3 <3

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A pair of cold, dead eyes peer out from the darkness, deep within the writhing, mechanical mess, it looks at the human world, hates it . . . So much organic matter, so much sickness, and death . . . Old mechanical parts slide into place, as the Janus-machine # 04c jumps into motion, and walks into the streets, looking for organic ' life-forms ' to end, to mutilate . .

It has picked a random stranger, oil fills it's mind with deep hate, rage, and spite, rusted gears grind on each other, deep in it's spine and, bowels . . On the surface, it looks human, but for the merciless, calculating eyes, and posture . . . The random stranger is you, and your family . . After tonight, nothing will be the same, including you <3 <3 :) :)

Hi hi !! <3

Horror rocks, Dead Space changed me, was my first REAL scary game, want more . . . .

:) <3 <3

I read on front-page them is ' machine ', I was wondering if there is a main theme, it says this is ' extra - theme ' . . .

Blood, puke and, guts <3 <3

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Bad news, All around . . .

I can begin preparing in other ways, for things I need, may-be sound making <3

You know, for the jam preparation, I will learn about videos and, ask help for things I don't know yet, like maybe making a UI <3Also, need to know how to publish my game, never thought it had to be uploaded :(

So excited . . .

Can't wait . . .

Anyway, I can't see the theme, I'm itching to get started <3 :D


And, meet people . . .

Mostly I'm there to have fun and, see games <3

I have never been to a game jam, are we all supposed to make a game within the theme, also they say you have to upload something, when it is over . . . Anyway, I was thinking of hanging out, and making games with others, help others a bit, as well . . .

On the other pages, one could see the theme, but right now it's empty, I'd like to get started planning it, making concept art, other stuff, but I have NEVER been to ANY game jam, or seen one, and don't know everything, sorry . .

<3 :( Want to do well, Please help . . .

Thank you, I mean as a completely new beginner, I can't find where the theme is, what are we supposed to make, sort of . . . Is that perhaps HIDDEN, until the game jam <3 ? !

:D <3