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Hello, about how SCARY the games are . .

A topic by jbb79 created Apr 10, 2020 Views: 219 Replies: 3
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I was like wondering, is there a limit to how scary games you like here, I mean are we talking ' some-what scary ' or, like hard-core scary . . :)) Do you have reservations, in the scares <3

As the rules say, your game can be as scary as you want but it can't have offensive or really disturbing content.

Okay, so if I make someone cry or, run away it's okay, so long as it's not creepy-offensive-weird . . :) ? 

Like, scare people white and, silly is alright <3 <3 :(((

Jam Host

Good question!

This jam allows games that can be as spooky and scary as your heart desires! The only rule is that if your game has content that is likely to have very "offensive or disturbing" content as ShakeyGames says - it's probably fair to put a warning or reconsider! But this is more on the end of stuff that folks would be upset seeing on the Internet and not necessarily about things like gory  art, jump scares, loud noises, or spooky themes. 

If you have any doubts, chat to us on Discord, this forum, or via email, and we'll work it out!